All of a sudden, it would seem, America has a massive debt problem (excuse me while I laugh). Oh, you may say, well, it’s not funny to me. Well, maybe that’s because you and I are looking at this whole crazy money crisis very differently. Certainly, I am aware of the growing debt crisis and have been warning people ever since 1976 when I first read Pastor Sheldon Emry’s booklet entitled BILLIONS FOR THE BANKERS AND DEBTS FOR THE PEOPLE, that America and Canada are no longer and in reality have not been sovereign independent governments since they relinquished the issuance and control of their money creating responsibility over to an independent foreign cartel of international bankers.

Ed: $1.00 loaned for 98 years at 8% since Federal Reserve Bank formed takes over $2,000 to pay back.

The reason I had to pause and laugh earlier, is because America and Canada (this debt problem is certainly not limited to these nations) have had a debt problem for decades, and it can only grow under a usurious money system. In other words, our national debt has not been shrinking over the years, it has been growing to the point that now some “economic watch dog committee” known as Moody’s Analytics is threatening to down grade America’s “triple-A” rating on U.S. Treasuries by a notch or two, IF THE DEBT LIMIT ISN’T INCREASED. Incidentally, China recently downgraded America’s rating. They can see the handwriting on the wall. Now, Standard and Poor has announced that they have dropped America’s credit rating from a AAA, to a AA+, which has caused much alarm among the people and the financial markets. But, again, I have to laugh at all of this monetary posturing. Ok, Pastor, what is so funny about America losing its good credit rating? Simply this, it is all based upon a fraudulent banking scam. In other words, the joke is that some agency is going to lower the monetary stability rating of a system that is totally fraudulent in the first place. That would be tantamount to some group of prisoners policing their own prison population.

So what if the United States of America defaults on paying its interest/usury payments on our nation debt to the Federal Reserve Bank? Well, let me ask you this, “who needs who more?” Does the American government or the American people need the Federal Reserve bankers and their debt money more than the Federal Reserve bankers need them? Think about it. The truth of the matter is that the Federal Reserve bankers need the power (mostly its military and police force) of the Federal (United States) Government, because they have no real means of enforcing their money fraud schemes if it were not for our military power, which they (the International bankers) seem to control at this time.

The real scam, as many of you already know, is the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank simply orders the U.S. Treasury to print whatever money they require (and it only costs the Federal Reserve bank the printing costs of those banking notes). Then the Fed bankers lend out this money at face value plus interest. When the bank creates “money” by extending “credit money,” thus extending credit (loans), this results in a liability for the bank we are told. But this is not so. Furthermore, we are told that the corresponding loan is an asset, but again, this is not so, it is a debt. We are also told that the “customer asset” and corresponding “liability” (loan) nets to zero. No sir, not if there’s interest or usury added to the debt and not if you print a bill for 4 cents and get $20, $50 or $100 for it.

Now let me briefly share with you the concept and practice of fractional reserve banking. It is a Ponzi scheme. Better yet, it is a Bernie Madoff money laundering scheme. Briefly, here is how it works. Under fractional reserve banking, the bank may loan ten times the money they actually have on deposit. Furthermore, they get to charge interest on all of it, this is why we say that the banks create money out of “thin air.” Interestingly, the coins of America and most nations are issued into existence within the economy, debt free. They are not products of the Federal Reserve. “COINAGE” is an obligation of the US Treasury, not the Federal Reserve.

Casting out the money changers by Giotto, 14th centuryCasting out the money changers by Giotto, 14th century

Inflation, recessions, depressions, and assorted monetary crisis cycles, including wars, are not strange accidental phenomena. They are created and manipulated by a group of behind the scenes, hidden hand of International bankers for their own covert purposes. The stunning greed of these bankers is not so much for the wealth, but for the power of that wealth to manipulate positively or negatively any nation according to the plans and needs of their globalist agenda for a one-world government, and sadly, this includes population reduction. This unholy scheme is certainly not limited to the Federal Reserve bankers, but also includes those banking groups who control the issuance of credit to all countries of the world, because we (the producing people of end-time Israel) are the bankers’ sugar daddies, and not the other way around. Certainly China and other Asian markets are doing quite well these days, but that is because our Federal government was “forced” to enact NAFTA, and GATT to drain the wealth right out of our nation and into the Asian markets. But again, I must emphasize this point, that they (the money changers) need us. We do not need them and this is the con-game they are playing with us, and they are winning so far by God’s design.

My purpose in sharing all this with you is not to depress you or cause you to give up hope. As Christians, our profound HOPE must be in our blessed Savior Jesus Christ and His solution filled Word of God. The reason I have emphasized the corruption of the banking system, is because it is the main problem and reason for the unceasing attack against the Kingdom of God, and God’s true Covenant people Israel. Thus, it would behove “WE, THE PEOPLE OF GOD,” to come together and reason through this most grave problem with the prism of Holy Spirit Truth that is Word of God inspired.



Editor’s Comment: On the front cover of our August, 2011 issue, we depicted the rapid increase of fiat money (debt) since President Nixon cut the ties between gold and the dollar in 1971. We also pointed to the end of 40 years since that event and what it might mean for the western nations. We are at the zenith of disaster at this point in time and Pastor Barley couldn’t have described the reason any better than he has in this article. We are pleased that he accepted our invitation to be a guest editorial writer for our magazine. His articles are always hard-hitting and informative. As Pastor of America’s Promise, he is well known across North America and a sought-after lecturer.