Dear Readers:

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”

What a wonderful time of the year we share. On December 9th, we again commemorate Isaiah 31: 5, which prophesied the liberation of Jerusalem, a moment on God’s calendar that echoes the coming release of the entire House of Israel by Jesus Christ, our Saviour, our Redeemer, our Prince of Peace. Then, on December 25th, the day selected each year to honor God’s greatest gift to this troubled old world, we share a special feeling of love, gratitude and a need to reach out and touch our brethren in a spiritual way. We are such a blessed people. We have been given a faith that has sustained us for two thousand years; we have the greatest Book of all to guide us through our journeys and a magnificent shield to protect us against the enemy and our own doubts and fears. And we know that despite the great strife throughout the world this December of 2011, the Lord God Almighty is in control and His plan is unfolding according to His purpose.

We hope Thy Kingdom Come has been a positive influence in your life this past year and that it has been a help in your personal ministry of spreading the Gospels of the Kingdom and Salvation, along with news of the Israel Truth, to friends, relatives and others. May God bless you for your efforts.

We take this special moment to thank all those who have financially kept our magazine alive. Without you, our work would not be possible. We thank all those who write and share views on magazine content. For, without you, our magazine might not be as effective.

This past year, we celebrated the 102nd anniversary of The Association of the Covenant People. We have published a magazine, although in different names, every month since the first issue in 1939. In 2003, we launched our website and since the early 1940`s we have operated a small book business, mostly by mail. Over the years we have provided speakers for conferences and we have held conferences regularly here in Vancouver. These undertakings are all in keeping with our mission of reaching more and more of our brethren around the world.

To you, our readers, our viewers, our financial contributors, our supporters and our critics, we wish you a wondrous time with Christ this Christmas season.

In God’s Service,