From Calgary:

If the sacrifices were just an ordinance to be done away with after the first coming of Christ, why does the Bible go into so much detail regarding them? Second, are we as a nation still required to keep the solemn feasts?

Hi Calgary:

Here’s how a member of the Bible Study Group explains it. The sacrificial system was done perfectly once and for all time in the sacrifice of Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Nevertheless, the sacrificial system as a principle still exists and is functioning. The proof is that the ultimate sacrifice of the Son of God works for our Salvation.

The sacrificial system of Ancient Israel worked temporarily for the remission of sin by the shedding of blood but had to be renewed regularly.

But, again, all the ordinances, rituals and ceremonies connected to sacrifice are complete in the shedding of blood in the sacrifice of our Lord.

As to the feasts, I can only say that some of our readers keep them, most don’t and some are still studying the subject. As an association, ACP does not hold to an official position.