Oh, how the months have fled, it’s Christmas time once again
As anxious shoppers flood the stores, and money flows like rain
The annual pilgrimage to pick a tree, the trimmings to secure
Carols ring out, cards are sent, lots of parties, drinks to pour
Early morning, Christmas Day & gifts strewn around the tree
Then, brief moments of excitement, gifts torn open with glee
Santa came, so do friends, a few drinks, a laugh, a little sleep
Then the turkey, the fun filled dinner, great memories to keep

It’s over, a quiet night at home, hoping no one else will call
But an unexplained feeling persists, a sadness, can this be all
Something’s missing, but what is it, this nagging in the mind
Oh well New Years Eve will soon be here, leave this day behind
It’s Christmas as we know it, the longest celebration of the year
A joyous time for family and friends, for love and for good cheer
Still it’s sad the guest of honor, always present in decades past
Is not invited to most homes, is not known, or is forgotten fast

It’s Christmas, no longer a birthday celebration for Jesus the Lord
Just a time to give and get, a holiday & no chance to be bored
Yet, strange it is, for the nagging sadness is but an empty feeling
Just a symptom of life without Christ, an aimless life of drifting
My wish this year is for Jesus Christ to be your honored guest
To lighten your heart, to fill your life & put your mind at rest
May He strengthen the ties that bind you, to those you really love
And touch your life in such a way, you will forever know His love