The Anointing

2011-08-bitsThe Queen, divested of her robes, sits in King Edward’s Chair for the Anointing, the most mystical part of the Coronation ritual, by which she is held to be imbued with grace. Four Knights of the Garter hold over her a canopy of golden cloth to screen her from the general view during this sacred office. The Archbishop anoints her with holy oil on hand, breast and forehead.

Editor’s Note: The date was June 2nd, 1953, Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation. I remember it well as a young army reservist, standing in the bright sunlight on a parade square presenting arms for what seemed like an hour or more. Young soldiers were fainting around me from the heat and I recall it was all I could do to stay upright as the Brigadier General, the theologians and the politicians were conducting the service. I remember thinking that the rifle must have weighed a hundred pounds at least. Yet, although we were in Canada, thousands of miles from the actual Coronation site, we knew it was a special day and had so looked forward to the honour of participating in our new Monarch’s Coronation. I wish I had known then what I know now, it would have been extra special to know that this was the Throne Jesus Christ will ascend upon His return. What a wonderful thought!