From: Ontario: Dear Brooks: Quite some time ago you wrote an article about “Our Good Health” and outlined what we could and couldn’t eat according to God’s Law. I wish I had listened because my husband was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and is in a bad way. There is nothing you can do, except to pray for him, but I thought I would let you know. We are old now but we daily thank God for the wonderful life we have had.

Dear Ontario: You both sound very courageous despite your hardship and we pray that God will touch your husband with His Healing Hand. You certainly are exceptions to what thoughts go through most minds. You know, all of us seem to fall prey to wrong foods, some of us from time to time and some on a regular basis. It’s difficult not to in our present day society.

Howard Rand wrote on this many years ago and he said something along these lines, “Men [and women] seem almost resentful when there is something or someone that interferes with their ap­petites.” He suggested that Christians, who would not think of violating any of the Ten Commandments, will deliberately violate the laws of continued health. And later in life, when the inevitable happens, and health is gone, some will actually blame God, even though Moses said, “See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil; in that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways, and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments that thou mayest live and multiply.” (Deut. 3:15-16.) So, when we ingest too many of the wrong foods, such as popular swine products, we can’t pin it on God when we deliberately choose the wrong path. It would be nice if we could instill this in young minds because, as Rand said, the penalties for such law violation are deferred, in some cases until life has nearly run its full course.

From Washington State: Dear ACP: I often get a second hand copy of Covenant Nations, a magazine published by BIWF, UK. The articles are usually very good and I like the colorful presentation. I used to subscribe to their previous magazine but am amazed how much better this magazine is. I would like to know who is behind the impressive change. By the way, why is your magazine still in black and white?

Thanks Washington: Turning first to our magazine, there are good reasons for us remaining a “black & white” magazine. We publish monthly and if we were to go to colour, we would have to cut back to quarterly, this we do not wish to do. We are a small organization, with never more than a few months operating cash in the bank and no other assets upon which to fall back on, and with declining donations, probably due to the growing number of tragedies around the world, so production costs have to be kept to the minimum. This is why, with the exception of one part-time employee two days a week, all the work with the magazine is voluntary. There have been suggestions we could cut back to 20 pages from 36 to cut costs but we see this as a last option. We have seven regular correspondents, with very important messages, and fewer pages would not accommodate their articles monthly, unless we are prepared to eliminate other important message from other sources. This, also is not wise. So, I hope you continue to enjoy our “black and white” offering.

Now to the “Covenant Nations” magazine! It is very impressive and they have gathered together a first class editorial staff and their selection of articles, paper quality and colour graphics is exceptional.

You asked who put it together. Well, he had lots of help, but in this and other successes of BIWF, the president of the last three/four years, Michael Clark, has been the driving force. It has been our pleasure to have him as a speaker on a few occasions and all of us are impressed with his grasp of Bible numerics. It would be difficult to record all his achievements but he is certainly a great servant of the Lord through his promotion of the Israel Truth movement in the UK and other countries, his articles on many different facets of God’s plan, his fight to keep Britain from falling under the forces of evil and his assistance whenever called upon by associated organizations. In a way, it almost seems that Michael Clark was selected by God for his future calling. He certainly must have been under God’s protection. I remember reading a short bio where he wrote that God miraculously preserved his life on three occasions. Once from being gored by a fer­ocious bull at the age of two, then at four from drowning in one of the gigantic water tanks constructed during the war in case of fire and after that when having fallen down a cliff face he escaped with only minor cuts and bruises. Whatever, Michael Clark is doing his work well and all of Christendom will be beneficiaries of it when God chooses to remove the blinders from His People Israel.

From Vancouver: Brooks, what does it mean when we read in Romans 11:26, “And so all Israel shall be saved.”

Thanks Vancouver: To answer this important question, I will reach back to the Reverend Dr. William Pascoe Goard’s explanation. He wrote, “While Israel enjoyed unspeakable privi­leges under the election of Race, as is set out in the first five verses of the ninth chapter of Romans, because of her apostasy she had to come into the privilege of Grace on the same level as the sinners of the heathen world. As is illustrated in the test in the time of Elijah, though the children of Israel were a great multitude, according to the election of Race, the election of Grace numbered only seven thousand, so, in Paul’s day, a remnant only belonged to the election of Grace, and these constituted the ‘All Israel’ who should be saved. The passion and agony of the Apostle was to increase the number and thus bring about the salvation of them all.

When we read, therefore, the Apostle declaring, “And so all Israel shall be saved’, it seems to me we are forced to the conclusion that he is speaking of the election of Grace as Israel, and is passionately labouring to add all the race to the enjoyment of that privilege. Thus in True Israel today the election of Race is the Celto-Saxon peoples; the election of Grace is the body of true believers who constitute the Church of Christ, rebels and apos­tates only being excluded.

True Israel possesses the election of Race and the unspeakable privileges which go with it, as set out in the ninth chapter, verses 1-5.

It is for us to manifest the same passionate energy which possessed the Apostle Paul to add all the ‘election of Race’ to ‘the election of Grace that all True Israel might he saved,

The phrases ‘election of Race’ and ‘election of Grace’ are selected in an endeavour to show my meaning.

(courtesy The National Message)