But go thy way in peace till the end come
For thou shalt rest in the peaceful grave
Till I return and in thy lot you shall stand
Yea, I will be there at the end of the days

Who is wise, so that he shall understand?
And to know My ways are right and just
If you did dwell under My loving shadow
You shall return and life eternal be yours

Yea, he that believeth comes to the Light
And because My Father so loved the world
He gave me, His Son, as sacrifice for you
So you will have the gift of everlasting life

I make this promise to you who believed
And now lie sleeping awaiting My Return
Like I shouted “Come Forth” to Lazarus
You too will hear my shout as I descend

Upon My command I will raise you up
After, the Living in Christ will be called
So shall you ever be with Me that day
So, find comfort with these, My words

(From prophets Daniel & Hosea & Apostles John & Paul)
For all those dear friends and readers who closed their lives in 2010