Happy are we under the protection of God Almighty
He is our Refuge, our Fortress; In Him we can trust
For He will surely deliver us from the evil one’s trap
Its raging tempest like calm when we are in His care

No, we need not fear the terrors brought upon us
Nor of the evil plots and slandering lies of the wicked
Thousands may succumb but the evil will pass us by
Because we have made the Lord our dwelling place

The evil ones will be punished and we shall witness it
But no harm will befall us for He will have His Angels
To defend us and watch closely and carefully over us
And lift us up should we ever encounter rocky roads

Because we have loved the Lord He will deliver us
We know His Name, His mercy, His love and kindness
When we call upon Him in trouble, He will answer us
Long life shall He give us and lead us to His Salvation