Charles Adelle Lewis Totten (February 3, 1851 – April 12, 1908) was an American military officer, a professor of military tactics, a prolific writer, and an influential early advocate of the Israel Truth. Here are some of his thoughts.

In the wilderness of modern schools of thought, I, personally, have taken every degree from Darwin to Materialism, and from Evolution almost to Atheism—and found them each in turn devoid of such logic as one is justified in expecting when in honesty he seeks the Truth.

I have renounced these dark degrees of the World’s University, simply because they will not bear the logical scrutiny of thorough investigation ; they are full of non sequiturs, of sophistry, and gaps which no ingenuity of the learned can bridge over, and it is a plain truth that to read them is a waste of time, and to believe them a prostitution of eternity.

I believe the Bible as written and for the purpose written, and I can add to this acknowledgment of my faith the further testimony, that after many years of the closest kind of scientific examination, the results of which are always given to the public, I cannot find, and no one else has successfully found, any fault at all with Moses and the Prophets.

The Truth of Our Identity with Israel is the rock founda­tion upon which we stand. To have perceived this, with all that it implies, is, as it were, to have had a special revelation from God Himself.

History, Chronology and Astronomy stand intimately related to each other in preserving intact the record of human duration. When correctly understood they bid absolute defiance to those who would belittle the accuracy of the infinite and infallible Word of God as it is written.