Queen Elizabeth II, “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawmaker from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” (Genesis 49:10)

For those of us who can still remember the British Empire of the thirties and forties, it is unfathomable to grasp what has happened. Once it was said “The sun never set on the British Empire.” Today there are just thirteen territories that remain under British administration. Considering that the largest is the Falkland Islands, it is easily discernible to see how far the great empire has fallen. A Britisher might ponder on where all the great statesmen have gone. Where is a Walsingham, a Leicester or a Raleigh, men that surrounded Elizabeth I and helped a strong, determined and independent Queen bring their nation from under the shadow of the great European powers? Today, another Elizabeth is on the throne and has been since 1952. Yet, she possesses far different qualities than Elizabeth I and appears satisfied to be guided by events orchestrated by her ministers, who seemingly are bent only on moving to surrender Britain’s independence to European powers. A sad irony!

Perhaps the decline began at the time of the First World War. In the past, I suggested that 1914 was a banner year for the descendants of Esau, although I believe that their dominion was seeded when the Laodicean period commenced. In any event, if we look to prophecy, the decline of the greatness of True Israel is simply God’s Plan that the Israel nations are to be brought to their knees. British Ephraim went through two devastating world wars, wars that weakened every fabric of the once proud empire. While most of the damage has occurred in the days of Elizabeth II, the root of the disaster stems from the plans of those who would usher in their one world government, where the very existence of true Israel is threatened.

In view of King George VI’s acceptance of the Israel truth, it is unlikely that Queen Elizabeth I has not been exposed to her identity.

Queen Elizabeth II was not born to be Queen. She was the eldest daughter, born April 21st, 1926, of Prince Albert, Duke of York, and later George VI. It was only after the abdication of her uncle that her father came to the Throne. As an aside, George VI was a courageous and good king who spent much time with his subjects during the devastating days of World War II and never hesitated to call the nation to prayer. He also knew he was an Israelite. In a James Stuart article in the May/June, 1996 issue of “Wake Up”, Mr. Stuart referred to a facsimile of a letter that appeared in The Independent on April 6th, 1996, a letter written by George VI in 1922, when he was Albert, the Duke of York. In it, George VI wrote, “I am sure the British Israelite business is true. I have read a lot about it lately and everything, no matter how large or small points to our being “the chosen race.”

2010-mod-qe2Elizabeth II was quite a remarkable young lady. Once her father ascended to the Throne and she became the heir apparent, she eagerly took to studies on constitutional law, history, music and the arts. She was a natural athlete, both as a swimmer and a horsewoman. And she tackled amateur theatre. She participated in the war effort and after the war took on frequent public engagements. She married in 1947 and from all appearances, she and Prince Philip, also a great, great grandson of Queen Victoria, have enjoyed a close and supportive relationship. She became Queen in 1952 upon the death of her father and at her Coronation on June 2nd, 1953, she swore the Coronation Oath, upholding her role as “Supreme Governor of the English Church”, that is, “Defender of the Faith.” She has been a traveling Queen and to Canada alone, she has made twenty separate trips. Anyone who has waited on a long street procession to greet her has experienced the special feeling of being in the presence of this good and kindly monarch.

Presiding over the decline of a great empire must be the sorriest experience imaginable. Queen Elizabeth I could not have done it, nor could have any of the other monarchs in this series, whether King Edward I, Henry VIII, James I or George III. These monarchs of yesteryear possessed extremely forceful personalities and were far too autocratic to permit the parliaments of the second half of the twentieth century or the early years of this century to do what they have done and are attempting to do. Our God is truly amazing. For this final unveiling of His Plan, He chose a gentle woman who has relied on the advice of her ministers, most of whom do not appear to care not one whit for her Coronation pledge that she would govern the peoples of the United Kingdom according to their laws and customs. Yet, apart from the obvious trappings of power, who would really want to be in Elizabeth II’s place? Imagine the pain she must have suffered over the years since her reign began, as one by one, colonies went their own way, over forty in all. Indeed, watching the leaders of Australia wanting to move from the Commonwealth, or her own ministers ready to abandon Northern Ireland, must be agonizing in itself. Then too, do you suppose she sometimes abruptly awakes from a deep sleep, burdened by the thought of humbling herself and her Kingdom before the Papacy from which her ancestors make such sacrifices to disentangle her nation? Or going along with legislation merging her people into a European Union where the independence fought for by her predecessors is now simply given away. Indeed, this must be the most galling of all.

Monarchs of DestinyHere a young Elizabeth with George VI, her father, then Prince Albert, and her mother Elizabeth. She was just a little girl without prospects as Queen until Edward VIII abdicated and her father became king.

In view of King George VI’s acceptance of the Israel truth, it is unlikely that Queen Elizabeth I has not been exposed to her identity. Given her deep sense of history, she must be aware of the significance of her Throne. Indeed, that it was established over three thousand years ago through King David, in fulfillment of God’s Blessing to Judah, as described in the opening passage to this article. The Amplified Version of the Bible makes the passage slightly clearer, “The scepter or leadership shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet until Shiloh {the Messiah, the Peaceful One} comes to Whom it belongs, and to Him shall be the obedience of the people.” This we can be certain, the days of the temporary occupants of the Throne are soon to give way to the King of kings, Lord of lords. Sadly, the decline of the British Empire and the plans to merge with Europe has fueled talk in recent years of eliminating the monarchy altogether. Dear friends, if there is one thing Satan wants to accomplish, it is to destroy one of God’s Promises. Yet, we know this will not happen, the Throne will be here awaiting the Return of Jesus Christ because God promised King David, “And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever” (2 Samuel 7: 16).

It seems impossible to talk about this moment in the history of the Throne of David and the reign of Queen Elizabeth without mention of her heir, Prince Charles. They are so intertwined, particularly in the twilight of the Queen’s reign. Also, so much of prophecy seems to surround this controversial prince. It was in 1994 that he claimed he would relinquish his role as Head of the Church of England and instead, be defender of all the world’s faiths. In the same year, he extolled the virtues of Islam in a speech at Oxford University, some even speculated at the time that he may have even converted to Islam. In considering the blasphemy of Charles, the words of Zephaniah 1: 8 come to mind. In all likelihood, they relate more to Charles than to the other princes surrounding the Throne, “And it shall come to pass in the day of the Lord’s sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the kings children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel.”

Presiding over the decline of a great empire must be the sorriest experience imaginable.

Here we are, very near at the end of 2010 and as we look back, we can actually see God’s Plan in action. Our gentle queen is now 84 but presumably still in good health. We can see how exactly 700 years past after the third overturn of the Davidic Throne which took place in July 1996 when Edward I brought it to England, the decision was made to return the Stone of Destiny, or Jacob’s Pillar Stone, to Scotland and it was actually returned on November 14th, Prince Charles’ birthday. Was this a coincidence? Then, as if to foreshadow Noah’s warning to board the Ark, seven years later the British and Americans were embroiled in war in the Mid East, many believe this was the beginning of judgment. And if you think about it, True Israel has been brought under much greater bondage since then, particularly in terms of freedoms and the massive transfer of wealth. We talk about America having debt to the ratio of 96% of its Gross National Product but not much is made of the second largest debtor nation, Britain, with debt almost 200 times its GNP. And a staggering amount of this has taken place in the past seven years. Seven years and here we are seven years past 2003. It has been a roller coaster year for Britain and we still have nearly four months to go at the point of this writing.

Of course, on our own, we are not going to defeat those who will war against us and those internally in our nations that seek to integrate the Israel nations in a one-world system. The Lord God Almighty is in full charge of our destiny; we can but put ourselves in His Hands and trust in His Word. In the meantime, as depressing as it is to see what is taking place with Britain; God’s Plan must unfold as He intends. Bear in mind what the prophet Esdras wrote, “By measure hath he measured the times, And by number hath he numbered the times, And he will not move or stir them, Until such measures have been fulfilled.”

As Monarch, Queen Elizabeth I is presiding over a kingdom at its very last gasp, waiting for the true King to claim His Throne.

As Monarch, Queen Elizabeth I is presiding over a kingdom at its very last gasp, waiting for the true King to claim His Throne. Notwithstanding this, it is still sad that the Queen’s faith in her advisors never seems to be questioned, or at least there is no evidence of such. I am reminded of a letter addressed to the Queen from the Democratic Party, Worcestershire, several years ago that was re-printed in The New Covenant Times. In it the party said, “We have the greatest foreboding that your power under the forthcoming European legislation will be fatally undermined and lead, ultimately, to the removal of Your Majesty from Parliament altogether.” The letter then reminded the Queen of her Coronation Oath and ended with the cautionary words, “We hope that you will act in accordance with the “laws and customs” of the Realm before it is too late.” While the Queen’s reply was not published, I have been told it was the standard letter stating the she must be guided by the advice of her ministers.

Sad as it is, there can be no other way. Nonetheless, Elizabeth II is a Monarch of Destiny. Indeed, in a way, her reign must be the most challenging of all because it may well culminate in the most devastating war of all times. Still, we must pray for her and the Monarchy and ask our Lord for protection against what others would do to change the role of the monarch.