Go I, saith the Lord, and return to my place
Until my people acknowledge their offence
Yea, first these people must seek my face
In their affliction, they will seek me early

They will say, Come let us return to the Lord
He pulled us to pieces and has punished us
Yet, He will heal us and bind up our wounds
All we must do is repent and seek His Face

After two days He hath said He will revive us
In the third day He will raise His People up
Blessed we will be, we shall live in His sight
We shall know the Lord, faith restored us

One fulfillment a reality, a second a prophecy
The first took place at Calvary, He gave His all
So we might have the great gift of eternal life
And gain ultimate entrance to His Kingdom

The second fulfillment is yet to come to us
Once more afflicted, we must seek His Face
Again a third day, His Kingdom can be ours
If we but open the door to His gentle knock