After reading Stephen Flurry’s article, “Solving The Health Care Crises Here In America,” in the May issue of the Trumpet magazine, & after giving due credit to Mr.Flurry for his wonderful article, I feel compelled to share the following excerpts from it.

Beginning by heralding our forefathers such as Washington, Adams, Jefferson & Madison it begins, “Madison probably sums it up best. ‘We have staked its future on the whole future of American civilization, not on the power of government but upon the capacity of each and every one of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments.’

Listening to conservative pundits one would think America has staked its future on the capacity of each and every voter to punish the Democrats this November so that Republicans might quickly repeal President Obama’s health care bill. The Republican Party now senses opportunity. Its base is energized, pledge time or money, your time and your vote to roll back health care reform.

[inset side=”left” title=””]What must God think of America’s newest political debate. Never mind governing ourselves according to the Ten Commandments. Our survival as a nation now depends on who pays for your next MRI.[/inset]There is no downside for Republicans, their National Committee Chairman candidly remarked in response to the new legislation. We’re going to try & repeal this, Sen. John Mc Cain promised. We’re going to have a very spirited campaign coming up between now & November.

Sen. Jim De Mint, a Republican from South Carolina, told Newmax he thinks the whole election will be about repealing universal health care. Newsmax believes Republicans are already moving beyond the legislative arena to position themselves for the upcoming election.

Just what the doctor ordered. A trillion dollar health care package followed by billions more to fund a political power struggle in Washington. Amid all the problems suffocating life out of the once mighty American Superpower. Now this.

What must God think of America’s newest political debate. Never mind governing ourselves according to the Ten Commandments. Our survival as a nation now depends on who pays for your next MRI.

Our most serious crises, Selwyn Duke wrote a lack of health care, “the moral variety.” Given our spiritual decay, Duke correctly noted, Socialized medicine was inevitable

Universal Health Care is not the Problem. It’s Spiritual sickness that’s killing us. This is the brutal truth most people will not accept that the cause of our increasing insoluble problems is not one political party, religious bloc or ethnic group. It’s not even universal health care or lack thereof it’s universal disobedience to God’s spiritual laws. And wide spread evil, as we have explained so many times before, causes national sickness that eventually results in death. Read God’s blunt assessment of our overall spiritual health in Isaiah 1:5-6. He likens our society to a disease ridden body with open flesh wounds and putrefying sores. The entire body is sick, Isaiah said.

The prophet Jeremiah identified the root cause of this terminal illness as being the human heart or mind. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9 Jeremiah’s prophecy “desperately wicked” actually means incurably sick or sick unto death. This is why Jesus said we need a physician because the human mind must be healed of its mortal wounds: self love & vanity, lustful obsessions, greedy gain, competition and strife.

Bible prophecy informs us that we are very near to the resurrection of God’s world from out of the scorched surface of this present evil world. Very soon now rising from the ashes of that ruinous death filled wasteland will be an eternally living messianic King who with the help and support of His saints will establish a 1000 year utopian rule on Earth.”

Submitted with all due respect to Mr. Stephen Flurry

(Courtesy The Trumpet)