The Druids had Ten Commandments, some of which I will quote. The first was: God is one, and there is only Himself who is God. Love thy God with all thy soul, with all thy heart, with all thy endeavour, with all thy understanding, with all thy affections, For it is He, and no other being, living or existing, that made thee, and doth maintain thee, with all His might, and with all His mercy. Remember the seventh day, etc. Remember to love and honour thy father and mother etc. Kill not, etc. Do not be covetous of anything, etc.

The whole ten were identical with the substance of those given by God to Moses. These people could not have been barbaric savages, in fact, some of their Triads showed high spiritual ideals – their teaching concerning man’s spiritual nature is expressed in the following:

In every person there is a soul.
In every soul there is intelligence.
In every intelligence there is thought.
In every thought there is either good or evil.
In every evil there is death.
In every good there is life
In every life there is God.

Druidism taught the people to see God’s hand in all His Creation, they “were not nature worshippers, but nature lovers”, and so to them God’s handiwork was everywhere, but still, with the imperfections of man, they recognized the necessity for the coming of an All Heal- a Saviour, whom they called Yesus, one who would cleanse the hearts and minds of mankind, bringing him to an ideal estate – a right relationship with God.