ext. from “What is British Israel Truth?”

In no sense does Anglo-Saxon truth differ from the story told in the Bible.

The Bible tells a consistent story from beginning to end. It is a true story in its history, it is an inspired story in its prophecies. It is a continued story through all the Books of the Bible. This story is the ground work of Anglo-Saxon teaching. In the story is Jehovah in the Old Testament and Jehovah incarnate in Jesus in the New Testament. Jehovah is revealed in the story as the present Personal King of Israel the Nation: “Ye shall be unto me a kingdom.”

He established Himself in Israel as God and King of Israel and the Kingship has never been withdrawn. Jehovah appointed over Israel a “Chief Governor” in the House of David, a house that was to last by God’s oath for ever. “Then Solomon sat on the throne of Jehovah as King instead of David his father.”

The Israel prophecies are fulfilled to the letter (up to date) in the history of the Anglo-Saxon peoples. Were there no other proof, this is Divine proof that Anglo-Saxondom is Israel.

We offer to the world the demonstration of the truth of God’s Word. Some deny our presentation and yet have nothing to offer in its place. Neither can they prove their denial has a vestige of foundation in truth. Therefore let us be wise and search the Scriptures, and we shall find that these things are verily so.

Fulfilled prophecy identifies the Anglo-Saxon peoples with God’s Israel.