excerpts courtesy The Pathfinder

Editor’s note: The year 2003 is almost over and we enter 2004 with great apprehension. Violence and war have been hallmarks of the past year, indeed it has been so at a quickening pace for some years now. The Pathfinder began its article with the passage, “…and the earth was filled with violence.”

“VIOLENCE is a key word which unlocks the basic truth of this hectic period in history. It was the Lord Jesus who took pains to point out that world conditions just prior to world destruction would be similar to those which preceded the catastrophe of the flood.

If it is possible to know the real character of Noah’s time —and if it was really a time characteristic of the society of our time, then we’ll have to face up to the imminence of a judgment which will destroy modern society.

I’ve said VIOLENCE is a key word. We find it setting the scene for the flood in Gen. 6.11. The prophet wrote of that day — “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with VIOLENCE.” So—prophetically, the character of the society of Noah’s day was described by the word VIOLENCE…

The prophet recorded Noah’s time as VIOLENT, Jesus declared that our present society would be destroyed when it reached the point of being like Noah’s day—that is, VIOLENT. [News articles everywhere]declare of today: VIOLENCE is a world-wide problem.

Very well then, if we can believe what we read, what we see and what we hear, it must be the time of which the Bible repeatedly warns— the end of the age—the time when our present society will be destroyed— a time characterized by the word VIOLENCE!”