The story of sunken continents has persisted in the legendry and folk tales of every nation. The evidence of sunken continents in the Atlantic and Pacific is quite definitely established now by archeologists. This is fact! Civilizations were drowned upon these continents and other places and the under-water valleys of the earth.

Where can we learn the Truth about these “Drowned” Continents? In the Bible and the Book of Enoch and the latest researches of the Joint Hydrographic Surveys of Great Britain and the United States we find sufficient facts and statements of TRUTH to satisfy any seeker after the TRUTH.

In a report made by the above mentioned joint survey made by Ephraim-Israel and ManassehIsrael Anglo Saxon scientists from a study of the under water surfaces of the Atlantic Ocean and the suboceanic valley systems of the Rhine, Niger, Amazon and Hudson rivers an interesting thing was discovered. The report of these in vestigators was that a huge beachshelf exists about 10,000 feet below the present continental beach-shelf, very plainly marked. Huge valley and canyon systems on the Hudson and Niger rivers indicate that these were eroded into the earth’s surface under open sky and rain and flood.

The concisely stated conclusion of these scientists ran like this: For thousands of years previous to about 3000 B.C. a continental shelf existed about 10,000 feet below the present ocean level. BUT that at about 3000 B.C. the ocean level rose suddenly for some unaccountable REASON a height of about 10,000 feet to the present water level. This is the statement of scientists trying to understand the surveyed under-water surface and erosion conditions that they discovered over a long period of careful investigation.

We are led immediately to ask where the huge amount of water came from to thus fill all oceans upon earth to a depth of about 10,000 feet. The Bible, the Word of God written for our instruction, tells us. The Book of Enoch, that great translated man of God, tells us. The Apochrypha which is the Middle Test ament of Hidden Teaching also tells us.

In the 600th year of Noah we are told that all the high hills, even Mount Everest, were covered (Genesis 7:11, 19, 20). This Deluge, known as the Great Flood, was caused by the collapse of the canopy system of vapours in the waters above the firmament and by the breaking up of the subterranean waters of the earth which science has not yet discovered.

God told us that He brought the Flood upon the earth to destroy evil people who had followed the way of Satan, the Fallen Lucifer, the Chief of the Fallen Angels, who had polluted the First Creation of God upon Earth. Adam was created SPECIALLY by God to restore what was lost when Satan had polluted the First Creation of God Almighty. Even Eve was SPECIALLY and MIRACULOUSLY created as a mate for Adam to start a new creation, but, sad to relate, Eve first and then Adam fell for the wild deceptions of Satan or the Chief of the Fallen Angels, Lucifer, originally a Shining One of God, but who disobeyed his Father and fell from his first High Estate. This disobedience of God brought death upon the Seed of Adam so that God had to bring forth His Only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to finally restore Life to all and to finally destroy Satan absolutely. Through Christ we know definitely that victory told that all the high hills, even over Death is certain.

It is stated in the Apochrypha (II Esdras 6) that the land surface of the earth was 6/7ths of the total surface and that the water was only 1/7 of the total surface. At the present time we find that the land surface is about 1/4th of the total and that the water surface is about 3/4ths of the total. Before the flood, in the days of Enoch, there was a canopy above the earth and small oceans but large land surface. After the Great Flood, or the fall of the Canopy of Waters above the firmament, there was no Canopy and thus large oceans because the waters that fell, filled the existing oceans and “drowned” Atlantis and Lemuria. Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean and Mu or Lemuria was in the Pacific. The Azores testify of Atlantis and Easter Island and Ponape testify of Mu or Lemuria in the Pacific.

Atlantis and Lemuria did not sink! They were “drowned” by the falling of the Earth’s Canopy at the time of the Great Flood! This is Bible Truth! The oceans filled up and blotted them out as God said he was destroying evil generations off the face of the earth. He did, however, save Noah and his Family and certain selected animals in the Ark.

If we re-read the Bible and History with this Truth in mind, we can see the story of Redemption of the Fallen Earth in its true light and long terms. Restoration process in the Hand of Almighty God. The Second Adam, Jesus Christ, a special regeneration, is the One through whom the Final Restoration of God’s Creation is coming about.

The people of the earth before the Flood were learned in ways of Satan and their misuse of know ledge made it necessary for God to destroy them. The Atlanteans and Lemurians were the Devilishly Wise whom God destroyed.