It is stated that the Cymry of Wales originally came partly from the Israel migrations through the Crimea of the Black Sea to England in early days. This name Cymry and Crimea came from Kimmeria or Beth Kumry or Beth Omri, meaning House of Omri, one of Israel’s wayward Kings. This is one source of tracing.

It is also stated that the Welsh were partly of the Tribe of Simeon for Dan and Simeon, evidently went to Ireland and Wales in the early days. It is also stated from history that the parts of England called Cornwall, Somerset and Wales and some of Scotland were the Celtic Fringe and were of Iberian or Hebrew or Eber stock who came to England via the sea route through Gibraltar.

In the Welsh Annals we are told that the Celts came from Gaul or France, that the Brython people came from Brittany in Northern Gaul. The name Gaul evidently comes from GOY-EL, meaning PEOPLE OF GOD. GAEL and GAELIC means the same thing. Kelts mixed with the ancient Cymry in Wales, also.

Much of the original language of Cornwall, Ireland and Wales was pure Hebrew in structure and idiom. Those of you who are Welsh, will probably know this. Evidently the Seat of Druidism was in Somerset and Wales. Saint Paul visited Siluria and also northern Wales in his travels to Britain according to an ancient MSS. in Oxford and to the Sonnini MSS. (The Long Lost Chapter of the Acts of the Apostles.)

The Cymry of Wales are the same people as those the Romans called the Cimbri. The Greeks called them the Kimmeroi; Homer wrote of them. The Behistun Rock inscriptions identify the Kumri, Sacae and the Israelites as one and the same people.

It is stated that the Tribe of Simeon settled on the shores of the Caspian Sea and thence moved across Europe to their home in Wales. This is quite interesting. Britain was named Llaegr by the Welsh Bards and this is STONE KINGDOM in meaning. What a coincidence! Daniel, chapter 2, tells that Israel is the Stone Kingdom. LIAFAIL in Irish and LEAGAEL seem to say the same thing. Beautiful Stone of Israel is the Coronation Stone. LIA FAIL! The Goidels are the GOI EL or People of God, also.

Druidism was said to have been founded by Gwyddon Ganhebon or the Seth of the Bible. It is thought that Hu Gadarn in about 1800 B.C. brought Druidism to Britain and built Stonehenge. The mysteries of Druidism lead us back to origins of science and government and spiritual powers given to Seth and Enoch and Noah. Shem had the duty of carrying on much of the original work also. From Eber came the name Hebrew or Habiru and the Hyksos Kings of the Great Pyramid came into prominence. The connection between Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid is definitely established beyond doubt.

We learn also that Joseph of Arimathea was called Llid and the Church of Llan-Llid was ruled over in Siluria (Southern Wales) by Caradoc (Caractacus), son of Bran, son of King Lear (Llyr). This is ancient Welsh history. Bran was converted by St. Paul in Rome in 58 A.D. and returned to England with Aristobulus (Eubulus) of II Timothy 4:21. Claudia was Gwladys who later married Pudens in Rome and formed the first Christian Church in Rome—SANTA PUDENZIANA! Rome was pagan then!

Some of the writers of American History state that Wales is the CRADLE OF LIBERTY. It is stated that Prince of Madoc in eighteen vessels brought 3000 Welshmen to America about 1160-1164 A.D. and they mixed with the Indians there. Much interesting data refers to this. Some of the most wonderful tradition is that Jesus Christ from the age of twelve to the age of thirty, lived in England and roamed over Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Wales and settled in Glastonbury. What a heritage!

On December 21st, 1621, the “Mayflower” came over with her Welsh captain, John Howland. This is some reason to believe that he was descended from Joseph of Arimathea. This is from Mormon Genealogy Tables of the Early American settlers from Wales and England.

It was the Welsh Christian Bishops that held out against Roman Catholicism in Wales. A great Law Centre was also established in Wales and Howell the Good wrote many laws in the “White House” there. Howell Dda (the Good) was a friend of King Arthur and inspired Arthur’s Laws. Perhaps William Marshall, a Welshman had something to do with the writing of the Magna Carta, the Great Charter of British Liberties. It is stated that Wm. Marshall, Earl of Pembroke from West Wales forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. Peter Jefferson, the grandfather of Thomas Jefferson, was a Welshman. Richard Price, born in Wales, was the man who in 1776 wrote “Observation of Civil Liberty and the Policy of Justice and War with America” which with Tom Paine’s “Common Sense” roused the people against the iniquity of George the Third of England.

William Penn, also, came from Wales and he was a great lawgiver in the United States of America. Of the first thirty-one Presidents of the U.S.A., seven of them were Welshmen. This is of historic interest in the Anglo-Saxon Israel population of the New World. It is perhaps stated truly that Wales is the “Cradle of Liberty”.

I hope these few notes will prove of interest to those of you, who are Welsh in origin.