In Matthew 15:32 we find Jesus’ words to His disciples concerning the Kingdom; “Every scribe which is instructed into the Kingdom of heaven is like unto a man which is an householder which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.”

In the book “Man Thinking” which many find a valuable aid in studying the Bible, we read, “It will be seen at once that modern religious teachers do not bring any “old” treasure forth concerning the Kingdom: Their teaching is all “new.” …Their story of the Kingdom begins at the Cross and deals only with individual experience of personal salvation.”

The book goes on to make the observation, “The true exponent of the Kingdom must begin with Abraham and tell the story of the origins of the Kingdom race; he must show that the Ten Commandments are the basis of the Laws of the Kingdom; he must not forget to tell the story of the Throne of David, the Throne of Jehovah, established over the Kingdom for ever; he must show the meaning of the captivity of the Kingdom Nation, its great disciplinary experience, its greater Redemption and wonderful Restoration at the end of the term of punishment. He must teach the importance of the great volume of Israel prophecies which tell of the removal of God’s people from Palestine to another place; of their place in the world after their Redemption. He must complete the story of the “Old” before he can teach the true meaning of the “New.” And then he will be able to enforce the wonderful truths which came with the dawn of the new era – the joy of Bethlehem; the beauty of Nazareth and Galilee; the wonder of Calvary; the Glory of the Cross; the Power of the Resurrection; the victorious Ascension, and the Great Promise of Christ’s Return to reign over the Kingdom which will then be restored.”

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth is undoubtedly the greatest teacher of all time in setting forth and making plain, by word and deed, the coming Kingdom of God upon earth. He was thoroughly versed in the Old Testament Scripture and continually brought forth out of His treasure things new and old. Even at the tender age of twelve years His understanding and answers astonished the learned doctors in the Temple at Jerusalem, as we read in Luke 2:47. His understanding of the Scriptures had been cultivated and perfected. His Gospel teachings were solidly based on the Old Testament writings. Christians of today who pray to follow Him must also acquaint themselves thoroughly with the ancient Scriptures, the wisdom of the ages, just as did their Master, in order to understand in greater and greater degree His Kingdom Message. The Old Testament writings lay the foundation of the Israel Message. The seeker of Truth must begin there if he is to begin aright

A master-builder, in planning a magnificent cathedral, first of all ensures that the foundation is solid and sound, grounded on the rock. Then he goes forward with the superstructure in all its beauty, and the steeple which points to heaven, knowing that the building will stand firmly based on that strong, unmoveable foundation. He is like the wise builder of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount who built his house upon a rock, as we read in Matthew chapter 7. Then when the storms beat upon it, when the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew, that house stood staunch and strong, for it was founded upon the rock. So it is with our Christian Faith. When built upon the ancient, time-tested, foundational bedrock of the Old Testament that Faith can never be shaken. Death and hell cannot prevail against it.

Just as Christ Jesus taught, that foundational Truth remains unchanged and unmoving over the millennia. The Christ is God’s saving, redeeming Truth, without beginning and without end – without beginning of years or end of days. That Christ-Truth never changes or alters or varies. It is an immovable foundation for an unassailable fortress, enduring throughout the ages. As Christ Jesus said to the uncomprehending Jews, “Before Abraham was, I am.” Throughout all time the Christ is always present to redeem and to save the sincere seekers for God. Matthew ends his Gospel Message with these words of Christ Jesus, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” The Christ is ageless, eternal, omnipresent.

It is impossible to extinguish the Christ because it is impossible to extinguish Truth. In Luke’s Gospel, chapter 24, we read of the two followers of Jesus walking sadly to Emmaus three days after His Crucifixion and burial. These men were in despair. They thought all was lost. They were sure the Christ was dead – so sure of this were they that even when Christ Jesus Himself drew near and walked with them they did not immediately recognize Him. Their eyes were blinded as it were – there He was beside them, and in their grief they did not know Him. They couldn’t grasp the great fact that the Christ is deathless.

But then Jesus lifted their thoughts higher. He proved the eternality of the Christ by quoting the Old Testament Scriptures. Verse 27 tells us, “Beginning at Moses and the prophets he expounded to them all things concerning himself.” The Old Testament prophets understood the eternality of the Christ, and they prophesied with pinpoint accuracy where and how the Christ would appear to human view at Bethlehem. Christ Jesus appeared there as a Babe in a manger, but there has never been a time, nor will there ever be a time, when the Christ, God’s Truth, has been or ever will be absent. That Christly Life did not begin in a manger or end on Calvary’s Cross. As we trace the Kingdom Message through the Old and the New Testaments we realize more and more clearly the eternality of God’s saving and redemptive Christ.

Just as in the time of our Israel forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, just as in the time of the earthly career of Jesus of Nazareth, so yesterday, today and tomorrow His words are eternally true, “Lo, I am with you alway” – in all times and circumstances the Christ is present to comfort, guard and guide. Both Old and New Testaments proclaim this Truth.