Editor’s Note: This article was written in 1968 by our editor at the time. Even Mr. Cranswick would be astonished at the decline in morals and how far the “God is Dead” philosophy has traveled. Notwithstanding his warning, the Christian world has fallen prey to a new reality that can only be overcome by the return of our wonderful Lord.

The essential point to note regarding the “new” intellectual existential approach to life is that it is not new! It first reared it’s ugly head in the Garden of Eden. It is as subtle and dangerous now as it was then.

Buckminster Fuller, noted scientist-philosopher, writing in McCall’s magazine recently stated, “The tendency to expose the female body will continue to ever greater degree, until woman regains her Garden of Even freedom and grace. Progressive nakedness contrary to puritanical thinking, progressively lessens the curiosity of the male and slows the baby production rate. It was not until Eve put on her leaf that baby-making started!”

So, with this twisted lie, women are urged toward sex exposure with the promise of a return to Eden. Fuller does not bother to explain that the majority of Bible students agree that the “forbidden fruit” in the Garden was in fact, carnal knowledge and this knowledge brought expulsion from the Garden and death.

But, hold, perpetual youth (another way of saying everlasting life) is on the technological horizon for modern woman. So promises W. Gifford-Jones pseudonym used by a practicing Canadian gynecologist) writing in The Canadian. Just take the estrogen pill – “Estrogen can have a profound psychological, and physical effect on the sexual life of older women.” And, “Estrogen is but one of a growing number of medical advancements designed to keep women from rapidly degenerating into old age.”

The perpetual life lie first uttered by the serpent in Eden – “ye shall not surely die” (Genesis 3:4) is being repeated today as the cry from medics and laymen alike for vital organ banks comes louder and louder in our ears.

The serpent goes on to tell Eve, in the third chapter of Genesis, “ye shall be as gods” if you eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Rood and evil..

The great satanic, lie is repeated daily in varying shades by intellectuals and dupes. For example: A U.S. civil rights worker, Baptist minister, Rev. James Bevel said when addressing 300 University of British Columbia students, “Man must relate to his universe and believe first in himself.” All the wars and other foolishness, he said, are the result of man’s stupidity and continuing belief in dangerous myths (like Christianity) and in forces outside himself. The only answer, he argued, is for man to realize he is the god, the most powerful being.

This lieutenant of Dr. Martin Luther King is not alone in his error – archbishops rate right along with him. Take Archbishop Clark of Winnipeg and his address last year to the 17th annual conference of the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen, when advocating church services on Wednesday evening instead of Sunday because “That’s the only time everybody is in town”. Clark said, “The world is no longer a God’s world, it’s a man’s world. For the first time in history, man can take the universe and fashion it to his needs.”

Man has moved in on God and everybody is getting on the lie bandwagon. There is a far-out long play record on the market, “The Incredible Shrinking God” narrated by David Steinberg, a rabbi’s son. The record in comic oratory style is the pop version of God-is-dead philosophy. Solemnly he intones: “The Lord giveth, The Lord taketh away. The Lord God is an Indian giver.” In spite of his blasphemy he is invited to preach in churches and synagogues.

Even the much respected Salvation Army has not escaped the pressure of the nefarious lie. In Vancouver the Salvation Army sponsored the March World Day of Prayer on behalf of the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada. The Theme was “Bear one Another’s Burdens” which literally rejects Christ and His admonition “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt. ll:28) Man apparently, can do the job quite nicely himself!

Kingdom people should not dismiss the God-is-dead philosophy as a mere passing quirk of the “new generation”. Acceptance leaves a void in philosophic rationalizing. Man thrust himself into the vacuum left by the demise of God. He falls victim to the age-old fraud – as subtle and lethal today as when it destroyed Eden.