Editor’s Note: It’s difficult to look at Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee on June 2nd, 2003 without considering one further Jubilee. August 20th, 2003 marks the fiftieth year from the last dating of the Great Pyramid (August 20th, 1953). All Christians should understand the significance of this double witness to the Bible. Dozens of books have been written about the Great Pyramid. All are voluminous and would fill several of our magazines. Nonetheless, this short article by J.W. Parker will give the reader a glimpse of an awe-inspiring truth and perhaps encourage further study of this magnificent structure.

This article on the Great Pyramid is not intended to be in any way complete, nor in any way exhaustive. Volumes would be required for such a purpose. Our only thought is to try to rivet the attention of the fortunate readers of these pages, to the fact of the Pyramid structure and to just one or two of its many outstanding expressions.

That the Pyramid was constructed nearly five thousand years ago, does not in any way alter the fact that it still exists; and that since the present century began, some of the world’s greatest students have concentrated their attention to it, with the growing conviction that it is indeed a monument of no ordinary merit.

Prejudice is giving place to honest investigation, with the result that a new concept of human knowledge, existing in those far distant days, is forcing itself upon modern scholarship.

Without venturing into anything problematical about this marvellous structure, it can at least be said that honest effort has been made to investigate by scientific and engineering bodies, as to its exact size and shape together with its geographical location and its passage systems; and a general conviction is developing in scientific circles that in those earliest of days, there were skillful builders, whose hands were made the instruments, by which their thoughts were given expression, to a degree far in excess of anything heretofore believed possible.

Within the present century science has determined the exact length of the Polar axis of the earth. It is 7900 miles long, from water level to water level from Polar Ocean to Polar Ocean. Not even can five feet be added or subtracted, to or from, that length. At the suggestion of Sir John Herschell, one of the world’s giant intellects and astronomers, of a century or so ago, this length has been divided by the value he suggested, into 500,000,000 equal parts. Strange to say, the result is almost exactly, the British inch. If this new value is used as a value of measure throughout the Great Pyramid the result is amazing.

For instance, Sir Flinders Petrie measured with his metriculous skill every detail of the Pyramid, and if his records of measure are used in terms of this new inch value, the following results at once come staring us in the face. His measured height, with allowances made for the outer covering (now almost entirely removed) to conform with the skeleton form of his own report, give us a height of 5813.01 inches. Which if used as the radius of a circle, give us a circumference of 36,524.2 inches. Any boy of high school status can prove that for himself. That value is, however, the exact number of days in a year. The same result is true when we consider the distance around the square base. Why did they of those ancient days build this great monument to that exact size? Chance? Impossible.

Remember, too, that they derived their measurement standard from an exact knowledge of the length of the earth’s axis. How did they know what we have only been able to learn since the beginning of this century? They either knew that fact, or by a veritable miracle (nothing less) they used it by chance. Choose which you like about how it happened. We must give them credit for using a standard that nothing but the fact of our earth’s axis length can supply.

These things being provably true and positively established by modern research, using modern methods and without prejudice; Why does modern scholarship continue to ignore these facts, and why do Ecclesiastically trained men positively go out of their way to ridicule those who have learned to respect the Pyramid as the product of an intelligence, long hidden and little expected among men of the Middle East fifty centuries ago? Sometimes we wonder if it is because we would like still future generations to believe that all wisdom began with us. If this assumption is right, then let us beware that the Pyramid still stands, and future generations will stand in awe, and wonder at our ingratitude, and perhaps stupidity.

In the Pyramid, there are passageways that have been explored with even more astounding results. By drawing a graph to scale of the Pyramid and its passage system, we can measure and check the following results. That by using the same axis inch standard, and by applying that standard along the floor length of what is now called the ascending passage, we will find some unbelievable results. For instance, by extending, or continuing the passage floor line downward to a point defined by the passage intersection with the roof of the Pyramid, we find an exact point of intersection which is of peculiar interest. Let us place a pin at this point. Then from this point let us measure upward along the floor line and at a distance of exactly 6000 inches we come to another point of definite construction intent. Let us place a pin here. This point lies directly below the centre of what is called “the Granite Leaf.” It seems to indicate the end of an age. We might call it perhaps, “a stone of Destiny.” Remember there are exactly 6000 inches between the two pins.

If we allow an inch to represent a year of time, then that would be 6000 years, or six days of a thousand years each, for a day with the LORD is as a thousand years. Strange to say that within these 6000 inch-years, and exactly to scale every major incident of Bible history is constructionally indicated. Beginning with the date of the flood of Noah in 2345 B.C. on down to the call of Abram and his entry into Canaan, and Israel’s exodus from Egypt, in 1486 B.C., and the dedication of King Solomon’s Temple, together with the Crucifixion of our LORD in 30 A.D., and Britain’s entry into the great World War in 1914, August 4, A.D.

The Pyramid positively identifies each of these events in actual inch measurements, as definitely as history records their occurrence. Is this all by chance? Or have we found the “witness to the LORD of Hosts” in the land of Egypt, as referred to in Isaiah 19: 19? We leave the answer with you dear reader, and with that, also the responsibility. Is it, or is it not?