The Bible is gripping the minds of the Celto Saxon race anew at this time.

Not in the same way that it gripped men at the time of the nineteenth century revival. At that time the attention of men was turned to introspection in the light of Bible teaching. Men learned to know themselves in the light of the Bible.

Now that the message of the earlier revival is very largely taken for granted, it is interesting to turn to the journals of Wesley and his coadjutors, and to those of his opponents, and to see over what phases of truth controversy waged. For controversy there was, heated to such an extent that houses were broken and looted, men and women were driven from their homes, the persons of men and women were endangered as though it were a time of war.

All this took place over the pro and con as to whether it was possible for men to KNOW THAT THEY WERE ACCEPTED AND JUSTIFIED BY GOD.

The Bible is gripping the minds of men now in regard to its message for the nation in the tremendous days through which we are living. Has prophecy anything to say regarding the great war that is past, and future wars which may come? Has prophecy anything to say regarding the perpetuation or fall of the British Empire, and as to the rise and fall of other nations? These are questions which are on the lips of men and women everywhere in Anglo Saxondom.

The body of believers, the Church, or the person, who desires to receive a hearing and to make an impression on the minds of men at this time, must be ready with an answer to this question.

In spite of the many voices to the contrary, we answer, Yes, the Bible has a distinct message concerning and to the British Empire, as it is wrongly called. Its message covers the present time with wonderful richness of detail.

First, the Bible makes it very clear that, whereas the nation Israel forfeited its place as the leading nation of the world twenty five centuries ago, at the end of that period it should be restored to its position as the premier nation of the earth.

Next, the Bible declared that during the period of seven times, which equals twenty five centuries in which Israel should occupy a secondary position among the nations, the Babylon succession of Empires should occupy the premier position among the nations, and exercise rule in the earth with the exception generally of the Israel peoples. This succession should be made up of four Empires or Kingdoms, namely, Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece and Rome.

At the end of this period of twenty five centuries, the Bible declares that the nation Israel should reassert its power; and, destroying all these Kingdoms, it should, after a desperate time of struggle, assume the Kingship over all the earth.

That these things are told most graphically in the prophetic Scriptures cannot be denied. It is a fact patent to every student of the Bible.

Now it was very easy for prophets to make predictions in that olden day. It seemed also a safe thing to do. For were there not twenty five centuries between the prophecies and the completion of fulfillment? Who would have thought that little religious tracts, such as the books of the prophets were, should have continued in being, perfect in form and presentation for all the intervening ages. Who would have thought it possible that Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, & writers of that long ago age, should be called to the bar of the judgment of modern men at the long distant time when these prophecies must be proved to be true or false according to fulfillment or failure?

This is the position of the prophets and their sacred books to day.

Here the books are perfect in form and preservation. Here are the nations spoken of in the books. And here are the days which are demonstrating the truth or falsehood of the predictions.

That the books have been preserved through all these ages, and that they form an important part of the “best seller” of all the books, ancient or modern, in this the end of the ages, goes far to suggest that they are very far from being ordinary books.

There were the nations of which they wrote. They have taken the predicted path through all the intervening ages. Israel was scattered through the wilderness of the nations and gathered again in the appointed place, as the prophets declared she should do. Babylon arose. It was superseded by Medo-Persia, according to the Scriptures. This in turn fell before the power of the Greek Alexander. The Empire of Alexander was broken into four, according to the prediction of the prophets. These fragments fell under the power of Rome. Finally, the last semblance of the Roman Empire went down in the great defeat of the Central Powers; and all the chapters of the prophecies which dealt with that great sequence of events have had fulfillment.

What now? The restoration of the nation Israel to the dominant position among the nations.

But “where is Israel? men are asking in some bewilderment. When we find that the great outlines of prophecy concerning the history of the outstanding nations of the Word has been fulfilled over a period of twenty five centuries, detail for detail, we are justified in expecting that the remainder of the prophecies regarding the few succeeding years of the age will also be fulfilled. When the prophecies which have thus far demonstrated their grasp of the history of the then long distant future, which has now become the past for us, say that Israel shall be at hand to assume her place among and above the nations of the earth, we are justified in believing that Israel is in being, and that she is moving towards the occupation of that position. Where is Israel? How may we know her?

She must be a nation!

More, she must be a nation and a company of nations!

Still more, she must be a nation, a company of nations, plus a great people!

She must have the House and Throne of David ruling over her.

That House and Throne must be twenty five centuries established in its present dwelling place.

By her hand the other series of nations must be overthrown.

Search the world with these demands in mind, and there is but one nation in the world that can qualify for the position. That is Great Britain.

If this be the case, then there must still be one desperate struggle before Britain. Not indeed to enlarge her territory, nor to destroy her rivals. But to defend herself from utter destruction by her enemies.

Up to date Britain has fulfilled the role of Israel. Are there other claimants? Yes ! The Jew says, ” We are Israel.” The Christian Church has said, “The Jew is Israel.” That may have passed for truth before the rapid fulfillment of prophecies revealed to the astonished world the phenomenon of the British Empire. This is a growth of the last two centuries. Now we know that the Jew alone does not answer to the test of Israel. We also know that unless he utterly destroy and take the place of the British Empire he never can fulfill the requirements which mark the nation Israel.

Some say the Church is Israel ! But much less can the Church answer to the description. It is not at all a nation. It has not a King of any sort reigning over it. Neither can it enter the field of battle and destroy a whole succession of nations. Let us not talk nonsense.

The Israel of prophecy is the Britain of modern history. One answers to the other as the glove answers to the hand.

Very well, then! What is towards for the nation Israel when found? She will be attacked with great fury by a combination organized by Russia. She will be attacked in the ancient land of Israel. The goal of the attack will be the taking of the Middle East, and of Palestine. Jerusalem will be the ultimate effort of the enemy.

All the nations of Israel Britain and the great people, America, will be in the defensive conflict, fighting furiously to defend themselves from world defeat. For the nation which wins the war in the East will thereafter dominate the world in all its activities.

The nation Israel will be assisted by two Eastern peoples, named in the prophecies “Sheba and Dedan.” These are descendants of two sons of Keturah, the last wife of the patriarch Abraham.

The combination of the Israel Peoples are named “The merchants of Tarshish, and all the young lions thereof.”

The Russian combination will be the greatest aggregation of nations ever gathered under one leadership. There will be the whole of the Great Russian Empire. There will be Gomer and all his bands that is to say, the Central Powers of Europe, very largely as they were organized in the last Great War. Now they will be but a subordinate unit in the great organization. There will be “Togarmah of the North quarters,” the Tartar hordes, and probably North China. There will be Persia. There will be Ethiopia, that is to say, the peoples of Upper Egypt. the present Bolshevik activity among the races up the Nile are preparing for the event. There will be Libya, that is to say, Mediterranean Africa. In that region France and company are training, for their own purposes, two millions of men. But they will not advantage France. They will throw their weight upon the Tripoli border of Egypt against us.

Thus will our position in the East be ringed about by enemies, and it will appear as though no human aid could save the situation. Perhaps no human aid could save the situation. But Divine aid will!

Something like this is the outline of the prophecies.

The culminating event will be the coming of Our Lord.

When shall these things be? Ah, yes; that is the question.

The Bible gives the sequence of events. But it does not definitely present a chronology of the events. There is nothing which would require these things to transpire in the lifetime of those now living.

Truly there is a chronology in the Bible which is a good and a safe guide. But that chronology rather marks the period within which events CANNOT TAKE PLACE. It does not give us dates at which they must take place. It is well to remember, and again to call to mind over and over, this fact

The era of the fulfillment we know. The date we do not know from the Scriptures

It is most certain that we are in the era of the fulfillments of the many great things which mark the end of this dispensation.


But there is a pillar of witness in the land of Egypt.” It is the Great Pyramid.

For many ages it was closed, and its message was sealed within its mighty bulk. Now at last it has been opened, and its wonderful message has been read. That the Great Pyramid has a message all must admit who have come to it with an unbiased mind. What is that message?

It tells wonderful things in the fields of natural science. It is an epitome in stone of geometry. It records the great facts of astronomy, and so on. But, aside from all these things, it bears a chronological message to the ages. That this is the case seems to be evident to all, and has been so for millenniums. The ancient Egyptians knew and recorded the fact prophetically. But a chronology of what? It is a chronology which may be laid beside all the histories of all the nations and races, and, with the exception of one race, measured through one connecting line, the chronological table will answer nothing.

What is that race? It is Israel and its antecedents and its successors.

Lay that scheme of chronology alongside the nation Israel, and it unmistakably gives us the measurement at the Exodus. It marks the very moment of the Crucifixion of Our Lord. It measures the progress of the Christian dispensation to the hour, and marks the dead level of the same period for the Jews.

It takes up the story again and begins anew at the fateful hour which separates between the fourth and fifth of August 1914, the date of Britain’s entry into the Great War.

It takes up the story again on the day of the signing of the Armistice. It marks the progress of the time through which we are now passing as a respite time between two periods of desperate trouble. The leading articles of The Times form the best commentary and interpreter of the meaning of the days indicated in this fateful period. It shows that by the present mode of reckoning we shall again enter the period of trouble about May 1928 on a certain date. It indicates the time of final release from the burden, and then that thereafter there will be war no more.

Is the Pyramid inspired? Who shall say?

Is the Pyramid being correctly read? Again, who shall say? No man of business, no man of learning, who has marked the wonderful answering of the chronology of the Pyramid to the history of Israel Britain in the past will readily say, “There is here no revelation.” Rather he will stand reverently, hat in hand, as before an holy thing, and will observe to see if the few final measurements will also answer to British history.

They have so answered in the past to a very wonderful degree. There is no reason to doubt that they will continue to do so.

It is the height of wisdom to take warning, and to be ready for the events the Bible tells us shall come to Britain-Israel sooner or later in this era, and which the Pyramid seems to indicate are close at band.

The words of the Bible are true, and it gives us the sequence of events. The measurements of Pyramid chronology are doubtless true, but of the latter the Lord God has not clearly spoken. Only the events will declare.

We shall not have to wait many years [in the course of time] for full knowledge now.