The debate and discussion now engaging the Anglican Church members has been largely triggered by one bishop who is pressing for same-sex unions. This is an unpopular topic, and as a lifelong Anglican, I do not believe that it should be undertaken at all. However, the pressures from legal minds and secular leaders is great, as they are not generally motivated by Biblical beliefs and principles. The following is a brief presentation to one of the meetings held by the Church groups.

We are told in Scripture how to live as Gods’ people, avoiding the lusts of the flesh, the eyes, and the pride of life. The expression “Gay pride” therefore becomes an anomaly, a contradiction in Christian terms. From the days of Adam, God made a helpmeet for Him called Eve, the mother of all living. From the world-wide flood, we learn that God’s purpose for sex was procreation, as He instructed Noah to take male and female creatures to continue the existence of all the species that He had created: as an aside Noah could not take reptilian eggs from crocodiles and dinosaurs because eggs are not marked male/female.

The sin of Sodomy is described as a sign against a man’s own body, an internal sin, not external as are other sins. It leads to pain, sorrow, and disease. Rates of murder and suicide are substantially higher in the Gay community. So if we love homosexuals, we must try to liberate them from this ungodly, destructive “death style.”

Church is a hospital for sinners who deserve our love and compassion, but Paul states that deliberate continuation of sin, must result in expulsion from the congregation. Every effort must be made to rescue them, as in Jude 23.

Aside from all Biblical injunctions, which I consider to be paramount, we have ample evidence of loss of approximately half of the allotted lifespan of seventy years, many “Gays” dying before age thirty-five. The social and economic costs are enormous and devastating to parents and siblings. No consideration nor sanction should be given by the Church to same-sex relationships or marriages. God’s laws of love do not permit us to do so.

May He strengthen and bless us all.