By His Son, Jesus Christ, God Almighty made all things in the heavens and also the World. Satan tried to destroy the Works of God and His Son, but God gave His Son all Power to destroy the Evil Works of Satan. This is the story of the Fall of Man through Satan and the Rise of Man through the Power of God in Jesus Christ, His Son. God teaches man in Symbols and Parables concerning His Kingdom and His Son. The Symbols of the Ark of Noah emerging from the Flood, the symbols of Jacob’s Ladder and the story in the symbols of the Great Pyramid concerning Jesus Christ are for the education of Anglo-Saxon Israel today and the whole World.

The Dove was sent out, but this Dove found no place to rest and abide. This told that the World would not receive the Spirit of God for a Season. The Raven was sent indicating that Satan would be ever trying to pervert the World. However, the Dove was sent out again and returned with the Olive Branch indicating the coming of God’s Spirit and Jesus Christ to the Window of the Ark of Salvation. God’s Spirit in the Symbolism of the Dove (Matt. 3:16) comes to Earth through Jesus, His Son in these days.

The true symbolic form of Noah’s Ark is that of a large Prism being 300 cubits long on the base and 50 cubits wide at its base. Its sides are sloping so that they are 1 cubit apart at the peak which is 30 cubits above the base. This Ark has an end view just like the flat-topped Great Pyramid of Jizeh (Jizeh’s Pyramid made by God in Egypt). The window of the Ark was 1 cubit wide and 300 cubits long. The symbols suggest that it was like a long prism of glass or Crystal. The Window is the Light of the Ark, the Ark symbolizes the Kingdom containing Human and Animal life. The Window is the Eye of the Ark or the Kingdom. If the Eye of the Kingdom is ONE and that Eye is Jesus through whom we see God the Father then verily the Kingdom is full of Light and Life! This is the significance of the symbolism of the Ark of Noah for Israel today!

This Ark, representing the Kingdom of God, rejuvenated by the Spirit of God through Christ Jesus symbolized by Eight, the number of Living Souls in the Ark, had only One Door. Jesus is the Door of the Kingdom for He is the only Door through whom anyone can enter the Kingdom; there is no other door!

Now let us turn to the story of the Ladder of Jacob. Here is depicted the Ladder of Wisdom and Power from God at the top of it stretching from God’s Holy of Holies to the Stone under the Head of Jacob. Jacob symbolized the Stone Kingdom of God on Earth. The Angels of God were Words of Wisdom and Surges of Spiritual Power coming from God to Jesus the Headstone of the Stone Kingdom. Jacob had many stones about him to symbolize that his seed would be that Israel Stone Kingdom of which Jesus Christ was the Chief Cornerstone.

Jacob knew the Truth of this Vision from God and immediately took the stone which he had for his pillow and set it up as a Pillar and anointed it with Olive Oil. This foretold again that God would anoint Jesus with the Holy Spirit Power from on High symbolized by Fluid Olive Oil and the Winging Dove alighting down upon Jesus in Matt. 3:16.

This Stone or Pillar and Pillow of Jacob-Israel was used ever afterwards, even today in Westminster Abbey in Israel-Britain, as a symbol that God would finally set His Son up as King and Priest over Israel, according to the promises made to David and the House of David in Israel. As the Stone Pillar of Jacob was anointed so is the King of Israel anointed standing beside this stone to symbolize the Anointing of Jesus to finally become King of Kings and Lord of Lords over the Whole Kingdom on the Earth. We all look forward to the time when Jesus shall rule over the House of David and the Kingdom of Israel and all Nations on Earth during the Millenial Reign of Righteousness and Perfect Divine Law.

The symbolism of the Great Pyramid of Jizeh (Jizeh’s or Jesus’ Pyramid) is exactly identical with the symbolism of the Ark of Noah. The Crystal Diamond Capstone of the Great Pyramid symbolizes Jesus the Christ, the Perfect Image of God in the World. CRYST – A – L. DIA – MOND means CHRIST – PERFECT IMAGE – OF GOD. GOD – IN THE MUNDANE SPHERE (MOND is MUND). The Power of God or the Everliving Light Power of God from His Throne comes and shines through the Crystal Capstone Jesus into the Stone Kingdom filling every stone, bound by the strong cement of perfect love, so that the whole Kingdom of God on Earth shall become a Kingdom of Light and Life forever. This shows Christ as the Transformer of God’s Light for our use; He is the perfect mediator.

This symbolism of Light of God and Power of God coming to us through Christ reveals to us the true meaning of the incident when Peter (Petros, the Rock or Stone) knew that Jesus was the Son of the Living God. This was why Jesus called Peter by the Greek name Cephas, or Psi-phos, signifying the Vessel-filled with the Light of Life from God through Jesus. Phos means Light as revealed in the Greek word Phos-phor. Phor is PH – OR from the Hebrew UPH – UR meaning Vibrating Moving – Spiritual Power of God. All of God’s given symbols for Israel’s education are perfect in Letter and Spirit.

Draw these symbols of Noah’s Ark, Jacob’s Ladder and Anointed Pillar and the Great Pyramid as shown on the U.S.A. $1.00 Bill and enlighten your children and your friends.