Editor’s Note: When we think of the two great friends, Canada and America, our minds go quickly to the common bond, the long undefended borders, the closeness of the peoples and unfortunately, the moral decay of the past half-century. Without God as our centerpiece things have not been well for our two nations as greed, power, money, materialism and wickedness have formed the new foundation. This slightly abridged article by Mr. Cadwallader reflected a society four decades ago that was plummeting badly and to a great extent, he places the blame on the churches watering down God’s true message. Sadly, just as the prophet Jeremiah wrote, the people love it, for it makes it easier to excuse our sin natures and live to the fullest with our eyes closed in this mad, mad world.

A moral landslide has struck our civilization with the impact of an earthquake, with the wicked straining every effort to get rid of the Bible and all Christian restraint. There is an undoubted feeling abroad that the various churches have been tried, and are found wanting. There is a famine for the true bread of life as these perilous times wax worse and worse. Most certainly there is “distress of nations with perplexity.” In churches were modernism holds sway the Word of God is held to be a myth; miracles are fairy stories, and so on until, in presumptuous blasphemy, a committee proposes to amend even the Ten Commandments.

How often do we hear vile language in relation to God, or abuse, or blasphemous of His Word. While a few preachers extol the Bible as a cure for our besetting evils, the Atheist, the Humanist and the Evolutionist comb the muckheaps of the ages searching in vain for their missing link. Corruption of religions, an atheism of the western world may be equated with the religious aspect of Babylon the Great, which puts us definitely on the road to perdition.

The Bible is full of promises warning of extreme moral decay in the perilous days of this closing generation, and there is no plainer evidence of this than those evils mentioned in the first chapter of Romans, which have become our national vices. They are the debasing sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.

When David, Israel’s greatest king, was about to hand over the government of the kingdom to his son, Solomon, he spoke these words: — “The Lord searcheth all hearts, and understaneth all the imaginings of the thoughts. “If thou seek Him, He will be found of thee, but if thou forsake Him, He will cast thee off forever.” I Chron. 28:9.

This is sage advice for “all those set in authority over us” – applicable to every occupation from the humblest straw-boss to the mightiest monarch – a principle which cannot be violated with impunity.

So, today, our two great nations are suffering from the curse of this charge as our leadership, both past and present, are leading us away from what made us great in the first place. One only has to look at the lies, deceptions and arrogant actions of the past few years on the part of government and the corporate world to understand that all is not what it used to be. Yet, those very same leaders are bringing the curse upon themselves as well. Think of the late Prime Minister Lester Pearson of Canada, who engineered the casting off of the Red Ensign as Canada’s national flag in the late sixties. In the view of many, that was a tyrannous imposition, tantamount to saying , “We will not have this man to reign over us, “ thus spurning God’s protection and guidance – a blessing we have enjoyed for so long [Editor’s comment-it is interesting that since that time, Canada has gone from a relative debt free nation to one that is in debt beyond its means, where their heritage is being sold off, where astronomically high taxes are creating widespread poverty and where the nation’s standard of living has dropped dramatically] It is as when the Israelites in the time of Samuel the prophet rejected God as their king, clamouring for a human ruler in conventional fashion of the heathen.

As Solomon’s defection from his father’s counsel and the Divine Law bred disaster to the Israel nation and a swift decline in Solomon’s character, just as surely, True Israel suffers today.