Democracy – “Will of the People” Doomed by God

Our politicians and educators have endeavoured, with great success, to brainwash us of the western world that our `democratic way of life’ is something sacred. Democracy must be upheld at all costs, we are told!

But if we look around us and observe the chaotic condition of the affairs of our western nations – anarchy simmering below the surface; kidnappings and hijackings; graft and corruption in high places; rotting of our once proud moral fiber; lack of trust and faith in the leaders; crime rampant, we are forced to ask ourselves – “What is so good about democracy?”

Democracy is government by the people. There is some strange reasoning abroad that contends that the people know what is best for them. What the people want, the people get! Sunday sports are great say great numbers of sports fans regardless of what God may order with respect to the Sabbath. More liberal liquor laws are what is needed – no consideration to God’s warning about excesses. We need abortions say the pressure groups – so we get abortions. And so on.

When Moses tarried on the Mount the people demanded an idol to worship, so Aaron submitted to the “will of the people” and gave them a Golden Calf. They had a merry time for a short while. But God saw their corruption and passed judgment upon them. He said to Moses, “Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, and that I may consume them: and I will make of thee a great nation.” The Calf, the result of the “democratic action,” was destroyed and about three thousand men who refused to commit themselves to the side of the Lord were slain.

Our democratic way is being observed on High and you may be sure our Golden Calves will be done away with and the question put to us all – “will we continue to try to determine what is best for us or will we let God be our leader and live by his laws?