May 9th

In 1960 Francoise LeSoir penned these little words, “Loving is not just caring deeply, it’s above all, understanding.” I don’t think there could be more appropriate words to describe a mother, unless you throw in “sacrifice.” Each year we have set a special day aside to honour our guiding lights and this year it is May 9th.  Some of our mothers have gone to their glory, but we never forget their tender love, their dutiful understanding and their guiding wisdom. Mr. Dunkle’s words demonstrate just how important a mother is to our early development.


Somebody pointed out that of the sixty-nine kings of France only three were really loved by their subjects and that these three were the only ones reared by their mothers instead of by tutors or guardians. Whatever ability most of us have to make others love us is largely due to the love our mothers put in and around our lives.