Just a few little words from the Master
And a touch from HIS hand Divine,
Will accomplish more in a lightning’s flash
Than Science in years of time.

Just THREE TERSE WORDS—”Peace, be still.”
Just as simple as they can be
But when they passed the Master’s lips
They calmed the storm on Galilee.

Just THREE SMALL WORDS—”Be thou clean.”
But they came from His inmost soul;
The Master spoke with authority
And a leper was made whole.

Just THREE LITTLE WORDS—“Who touched me?”
As He jostled the busy throng,
He felt that virtue had gone from HIM
And a woman was made strong.

Just THREE SHORT WORDS—”Lazarus come forth.”
So easily written or said,
But when He spoke these three short words
There was power to raise the DEAD.

It’s not the multitude of words
That’s spoken by any one
But if it is imparted FAITH
Immediately that work is done.