Are the Ten Commandments Practical for Everyday Living and for the Governing of Our Nations?

The Ten Commandements were given to the Nation of Israel only, and not to any other nation. The Creator laid down these foundation principles as part of the eternal law of the Universe necessary for man to observe in order that righteous relationship be maintained with God and among men.

The fact that God gave them to the Nation of Israel is sufficient proof that they are for practical everyday use. The first four commandments establish proper relations between man and God, the latter six, right relations between men.

Centuries of experience also answer the question in the affirmative. Israel, while they kept the law were by the account of other nations the most prosperous nation in the World, but when they disobeyed, became an easy prey to the Military power of the heathen nations surrounding them.

The Anglo-Saxon Nations all acknowledge the fundamental truth of the first four commandments as part of their national constitution. Commandments 4 to 9 are the source and base of law as it is administered in our Courts of Law. The 10th Commandment is far-reaching for it establishes the fact that wrong thoughts lead to breaking the other commands and that the wrong thoughts are the source from which crime originates.

All the Economic, social, moral and spiritual evils that beset us are the direct result of breaking these commandments so they are indeed the only practical way for Israel to achieve economic security, freedom and human happiness.

They must first be supplied to the Israel Nations as an example before the other nations can see the rightness of them. Personally, we do not think that the non-Israel Nations will come under the Divine Law until our Lord returns to administer His law in all the earth.

This is what we believe is the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.