The Ark of God, the Sceptre of Judah and the Lia Fail or “Stone of Destiny” were brought by Jeremiah the Prophet and Tamar Tephi (Princess Royal of Judah) from Judea into Egypt, from whence they were taken into Iberia (Spain) and then to Ireland. These migrations occurred between 586 and 580 A.D.

The Ark of God has made only THREE journeys since its removal from Palestine: to Tahpanhes in Egypt, to Zaragaza (Saragossa) in Spain, and to the Hill of Torah or Tara (the Law) in Ireland. The other two have each had SEVEN resting places: the Sceptre in Tahpanhes, Saragossa, Tara Dunstaffnage, Scone, Dunnottar, and Edinburgh Castle; and the Lia Fail in Tahpanhes, Saragossa, Tara Dunstaffnage, Iona, Scone, and Westminster! [Editor’s note: Now back in Scotland.]

Seven princesses have conveyed the Sceptre of Judah and the Stone of Israel into other families of the stock of Abraham: Tamar Tephi into the Dannite Royal House of Ireland; Earca into the Zarahite or Scottish House; Isobel into the House of Brus; Margaret or Margory Brus into the House of Stuart; Sophia into the House of Brunswick; and Queen Victoria into that of Saxony, after Queen Elizabeth there will be no more transfers!

While on this subject of the female line carrying the inheritance, we must remember that of the seventy-eight monarchs who have reigned in Britain since 495 A.D., eight have been Royal Ladies: Matilda (granddaughter of Malcolm Caenmore of Scotland, 1141-1143); Mary I (Tudor, 1553-1558); Mary Queen of Scots (1542-1567); Elizabeth Tudor (1558-1603); Mary II (daughter of James II – 1689-1694); Anne, sister of the preceding (1702-1714); Victoria (1837-1901) and Elizabeth II (1952-Present).

The wicked king of Babylon thought he had destroyed the plans of God by killing the sons of the king of Israel and bringing to an end the House of David; but he did not know that the female line could carry the inheritance. So this princess was safely cared for in the far-off land of Ireland, and the House of David has continued to this day.

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  1. What was God’s promise to David?
  2. Where is the throne of David today?
  3. Why did Nebuchadnezzar fail to destroy it?
  4. Will it ever be destroyed?