When the Pyramid of Gizeh has its hidden Chambers opened up and exposed again to human view, one of its wonders will be the Healing Pillar. This pillar is in the third of four chambers each centrally located and rising in glory to near the very top of that ancient and massive structure. This pillar is one of four in the Chamber which like the others has a level floor and a dome like half sphere, representing the heavens for walls and ceiling. The four pillars are named respectively love, wisdom, strength, and beauty. These constitute and represent the four volitional capacities of life, and also the supreme capacities of resource. You can love or refuse to love; you can stir it up to astonishing degrees of loveliness and emotion. The heart can become so stirred with this emotion as to tear itself apart. The medical man Calls it a lesion. The Song of Solomon 2: 14,5 says, “He brought me to the banquet house and his banner over me was love.” I am sick of love:” does not mean nauseated by it (or of it), but two things have occurred.

1. Love has utterly destroyed my resources for volitional Control.
2. And I therefore cannot control it or my life because of it.

Such a condition requires the healing processes of medical science which by rest and careful building up is able to effect a measure of healing.

These facts are set forth in the Pyramid in the Chamber of the third floor up, or the third story in the Pillar of love. It is set in the north east and therefore on the right hand of Him who is symbolized as sitting on the throne. This pillar like all the others for dimension is different in the ornamentation of the Chapter. This ornamental portion is decorated with the vines and fruit of the mandrake or love apple. We call it the tomato. This pillar is broken about three and a half feet from the base. The upper portion of the pillar has slipped from its place on the base a small portion, and then by a miracle in stone has become stayed and sealed part to part. This miracle has been wrought by God and the ancients as a witness against this generation, and a proof that the ancients were true scientists.

The pillar of love in the living temple, Christ Jesus is.going through the same process. His heart tore a lesion on Calvary as the cause of death. The spear was thrust immediately after death and demonstrated that the plasma (or water of life) and the hemoglobin had already separated. Though this had taken place Jesus rose on the third day and by the miracle of grace and power is building back the heart of strength, cell by cell, each cell a sinner who has turned from the error of his way and given his heart to God. This miracle demonstrated in the Pryramid third floor up, and enacted as life in Jesus Christ, demonstrating the agony of love in the heart of God, is occurring in His people, “as the temple, of the Holy Ghost,” during the days of tribulation, which in a war sense began at midsummer June 22, 1950, by the invasion of southern Korea. Tribulation will go through three stages Dan. 12:5 13. Just remember the word in Hebrew for “wicked” is Russia! Now read the story. The measurements will run in both succession and concurrence. Every move in winding up times, will consummate in a process of 1260 days.

The second stage will run the same with each move to deprive us of “free enterprise” in Christian faiths will accumulate for 1290 days. And in the third stage all three processes will battle for place and existence. This last stage will be a struggle for life, religion, and the benefits of the Covenant of God made with man in the person of Abram in Gen. 12 and 14, and later redeemed on Calvary by Jesus Christ.

The sequence and circumstance of this development is set out in Genesis 30: 14 21. Here Labor (Issachar) is conceived by the purchase of the love apples of Reuben from Leah by her sister Rachel. Leah (as tribulation or travail) bought the right to bring forth Labor (Issachar) as the fruit of tribulation in exchange for the twisting writhing travail of Rachel in purchasing the love apples of Reuben (vision of the son). Let us say it plainly. The nations that are delaying, fooling around with immense issues in the world of affairs, are selling their opportunity for the destiny of love, in exchange for the opportunity to beget a place in the Toil World, of the new social order. In the same process of affairs the mothering process of writhing and twisting in distress and perplexity (Rachel) is buying the love apples of the vision of the son, Reuben, and begetting the son of expansion by addition: Joseph. This surprise transition which is occurring right before our eyes is also carrying a miracle with it, the Pillar of Love, slipped and proved a slip, yet became sealed by mutual loyalty and understanding to support with wisdom, strength, and beauty the very heavens of the Covenant of Abram. Gen. 14:19. The sacrament is the religious act of sealing that covenant as that Pillar is sealed.

In Isaiah 57 you have the world drama in process of fulfilling this strange miracle in fact.

13. The futility of our frail efforts. “The wind shall carry them all away.”
14. The Lord will not act until the stumbling block of offense is removed.
18. The Lord, in spite of His disfavour, will because of the steps that are being taken, those steps are 286.1 from the first to the second chamber, will heal him and it.
19. That healing will bring peace near and far.

The Healing Pillar is the ancient proof, and will be revealed as the proof, that the ancients knew the destiny of their posterity in the day of tribulation. Remember that healing pillar is demonstrating what God said and Jesus set out. “He healed them all.” This will happen. It will happen in the process of tribulation and will constitute the consummation of it. Some call that change the return of the Lord, others call it rapture.