Editor’s Note: On April 22nd, a large Vancouver gathering learned a great deal of the mysteries of Glastonbury as Richard Bray of Washington State shared his extensive research gathered over fifty years. It prompted me to dig back into our archives for a re-print of a C.W. Deans’ article that appeared in our predecessor magazine, “The Anglo-Saxon World,” over fifty years ago as well. Like Mr. Bray, Mr. Deans had an insatiable appetite for the historical facts about early Israel and from time to time, we will share further of his articles.

Glastonbury and Stonehenge in England are names which take us a long way back in the history of the Anglo-Saxon people and they take us even farther back to Egypt and the Mysteries of God hidden in the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx of Jizeh near the banks of the Nile. If we follow our interesting story back to the real origins we must go with Noah and Enoch to days before the Great Flood, to those times when God was revealing to His Prophets, like Enoch, the Great Plan of the Ages, which is the Salvation of Mankind and the Establishment of the Kingdom of God in perfection upon this earth of ours.

New revelations have been brought forth for the World to see at Glastonbury. In Somerset, England, you may now trace, from the Ordinance Maps, a huge Zodiac depicting the Heavenly Forms, given originally by God to man, to illustrate the Story of Redemption and Salvation through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, whose mission on earth is depicted in this Giant Ten-mile Diameter Zodiac. Airplane photographs taken during the past years have revealed that the forms of hills, streams and lakes at Glastonbury depict the animal forms of the Original Zodiac of God. It is small wonder then that the Mysteries of King Arthur’s Court were enacted in this very spot in Israel-Britain!

We must study very carefully and prayerfully then, the details of this Great Story of God in Heavenly Forms. Let me take you along a path which reveals much truth hidden until the present day, this time of Revelation, these Latter Times of Unveiling of the Mysteries of God to Anglo-Saxon Israel.

One very important feature of this Somerset Zodiac is the ‘Dove’ at the centre which has replaced the traditional Serpent or Dragon. This is God’s Message that Jesus Christ, anointed with power in the Sign of the Dove at Jordan, is the true Messiah and Saviour of the World and destroyer of Satan the Devil and Dragon and all his followers. Praise GOD for this message of assurance! In your Bible follow the story of the Dove of Peace and Power from Noah’s Ark New Birth to the New Power given at Jordan to Jesus. It will strengthen your Faith in the Promises of God Almighty to us all.

Another interesting and arresting feature of this Giant Zodiac Story illustrated at Glastonbury is that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, the One bearing the True Water of Life, the Power of the Spirit of God, has been replaced by the Purple Phoenix which is shown drinking out of the Chalice Well from which come, the Waters of Regeneration and New Life. The Phoenix carries the Cup of New Life to all. This Phoenix Bird takes us right back to Egypt and the Sphinx.

If you will trace a line through the Glastonbury Tor or the Hill of the Isle of Avalon, which is the body of the Phoenix, right through the Dove in the Centre you will come to the other side of the Circle of the Zodiac right in between the forms of the Virgin or Virgo and the Lion which is Leo. Now this is very significant. The very form of the Sphinx of Egypt, the Pillar of One Stone next to the Great Altar or Pyramid at Jizeh, which is mentioned in Isaiah 19:19, 20, has the Head of a Virgin or Virgo and the Body and Tail of a Lion or Leo. Now we can see the Mystery opening up. Here we have unlocked the Mystery of the Sphinx, at least in part.

The Words PHOENIX and SPHINX when sounded side by side reveal to us that the right sounding of the word SPHINX is really S/PHOENIX. The symbolism of the Great Pyramid Altar of Stones bathed in the Light of the Headstone Jesus Christ and of the Purple Phoenix reveals that the Phoenix is a symbol of the Resurrected Jesus Himself. The symbol of the Phoenix on the top of the Great Pyramid Altar dying in smoke of its own power and then arising a New Phoenix out of the smoke of self-sacrifice reveals to us that the Lamb slain before the foundation is this same Jesus, the Christ, the son of the Everliving GOD.

Why is the Egyptian Pyramid, Sphinx and the Glastonbury Phoenix and Zodiac in England linked to the Kingdom Plan of God revealed to Israel Anglo-Saxondom in the Bible? It is because God has a Chosen People to whom He will reveal the Mysteries of His Great Plan and of His Own Power and the Power of His Son. This linking of Great Signs and Wonders with Enoch and Noah and Israel and with England in Somerset at Glastonbury is definite proof to Anglo-Saxons in the British Commonwealth and U.S.A. that they are God’s Chosen People on earth today. We are just now waking up out of the mists of history to see ourselves as God’s Chosen Servants whose duty it is to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all the Earth. God teaches us the simple messages of Truth and He also reveals to the Wise Ones of Israel the deep symbolic mysteries of Truth today.

Egyptian Priesthood were the arch-perverters of God’s Truth and that is why we have so much confusion in teachings, truth mixed with error, such as is found in Rosicrucian Teachings, and the like, from Egypt and Babylon. We must shun these teachings and trace the Right Path by reading God’s Pyramid and the Great Revealing Zodiac at Glastonbury and you will be set on the right paths.

The very fact that the dividing line through the Zodiac is between Virgo and Leo shows the intention of the design of the Virgo-Head and Leo-Body and Tail of the Sphinx. We are being symbolically told to start reading God’s Plan of the Ages by commencing at Virgo and ending the story at Leo. This is the Message of Redemption through Jesus Christ! He was born miraculously of God in the Virgin Mary and He will come gloriously to rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Read Revelation 5:5 for this remarkable enlightenment!

Knowing all this wonderful information about the Zodiac at Glastonbury and about the Phoenix and Sphinx of Egypt we can now re-study with interest and great benefit the Mysteries of British Druidism and the Mysteries of Holy Grail and King Arthur’s Court. God has continually revealed His Mysteries to the Seed of Seth, Enoch, Noah, Shem, Eber and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob-­Israel. He reveals His Mysteries NOW to Anglo-Saxon Israel! Oh! The Wonders of the Ways of our God! Let us all then seek the new light of these revelations! Let us turn again to the Hidden Truths of the Bible and the Signs given by our God to us today!

May God bless you and give you Wisdom and Understanding and Power to bring Light to all People.