Q. I’ve always considered 1914 or 1917/18 as the beginning of the Esau dominion but was intrigued by your recent message that it could be 1933. You mentioned that God never intended for us to be in bondage forever and you used 2 Chronicles 36: 22 and Isaiah 23 as passages to show it would last only 70 years. Why couldn’t it be 80 years, or 90, 100 or a couple of centuries?

A. I suppose it could, I hope not. I won’t go into 1933 as the beginning year because I’ve written about this in past articles. And your 1914 or 1917 could be correct as well, although in my last article I demonstrated that from the beginning of Nebuchadnezzar’s campaign against Jerusalem until the destruction of the temple, nineteen years lapsed and that by adding 19 years to 1914, it would come to 1933. If it is a coincidence, then there are some other remarkable coincidences. Let me show you.

Seventy can be broken up into two periods, one of 30 years and one of 40 years. The thirty years can be further broken into two periods of 15 years and the 40 can be further broken into four periods of 10 years. Thirty is the number of the Blood of Christ, Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. When he tried to give the silver back, the chief priests said, “It is not lawful for to put them in the treasury, because it is the price of blood.” Turning to the number 15, Bullinger ties it specifically to acts wrought by the energy of Divine grace. So, no matter whether we consider them good or bad, it is God who engineers events.

Adding 15 years to 1933, the year I believe the dominion began, we arrive at 1948, the birth of the modern Israeli State, an event that stopped the Israel Truth almost in its tracks as a result of the fulfillment of Isaiah 44: 5, i.e., the taking of the surname of Israel. Certainly, 1948 was the year of Ephraim Britain’s greatest military disgrace as a group of terrorists brought the Empire to its knees and they basically limped out of Palestine. Ironically, it was one time or 360 years from 1588, the year of Britain’s greatest military victory against the Spanish Armada.

Adding 15 more years to 1948, or 30 years from 1933, brings us to 1963. I employed the meaning of thirty earlier because I wanted to emphasize that in the same way as a high-placed Disciple of Christ’s betrayed him, high placed individuals in the Israel nations betrayed us. I’ll quickly touch on three Israel nations, Canada, Britain and America.

In 1963, in Canada, external forces allied with internal forces to topple the prime minister, John Diefenbaker, who was a strong supporter of the Commonwealth that the one-worlders wanted to collapse. He was also a Canadian first. This is part of what he believed and as you listen, you should ask yourself whether our Israel nations have changed. This is what Diefenbaker wrote those many years ago, “I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong…” Sadly, that’s not today’s Canada! Diefenbaker knew that many proposed changes were dangerous. He alluded to this in an Ottawa speech when he said, “We live in a time of chance. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said that we live in a time when “the winds of change” are blowing. We hope that new developments will come ushered in by winds of change rather than gales of destruction.” So what happened? One of the gales brought Lester Bowles Pearson, an internationalist, into power as he became Prime Minister in 1963. Very soon Canada was on its way to where it finds itself today. Interesting that he was elected to parliament in 1948.

Harold MacMillan was Prime Minister of England in 1963 and he was the internationalists’ delight, in that MacMillan was the first prime minister to embrace the idea that Britain’s future lay with Europe. MacMillan surrounded himself with internationalists in his cabinet. His “winds of change” speech basically set the stage for a South Africa going it alone and ending up where it is today. And he speeded up the decline of the British Empire through decolonization. He resigned in 1963 but worked hard to get his handpicked successor, Douglas-Home, into office so the carnage could continue.

Of course, the highlight in 1963 in America was the assassination of President John Kennedy. We have listened to countless stories as to whom, why and how he was assassinated but one thing is clear. John Kennedy had begun to issue interest free money and intended to expand on that policy. For the internationalists, this spelled disaster. After all, America is the great nation, makes up nearly a third of the world economy and their decisions are patterns for the whole world. The internationalists were saved, for in as strange of circumstances as Lincoln’s assassination, Kennedy was killed and the policy of issuing silver certificates abandoned.

1963 was indeed a year of betrayal by modern Judas’.

Now “40” means “trials, probation and testing.” And 40 years from 1963 ends in 2003. We have been tested severely and just as the seventy years may signal, “First bondage, then release,” the period of testing and Mystery Babylon’s probation may be at its end. “10” stands for Law and responsibility but since this is the Satanic period of dominion, we might expect to see just the opposite, lawlessness and irresponsibility. I think these are rather easy to detect in our society.

Ten years on to 1963 comes 1973. That was the year, a massive transfer of wealth from our nations and our citizens took place as oil prices quadrupled. It was also the year of the total break from the gold standard in America, setting up an acceleration of the financial bondage imposed upon our citizens and loosed inflation as a constant companion. Ten years later, in 1983, after a three year recession where more colossal wealth was transferred to the multinationals, the Israel nations began the massive credit binge that has never really abated. At the same time, America’s fiscal policies guaranteed its transition from the greatest creditor nation in the world to the greatest debtor nation. “The Borrower is servant to the lender,” so says the Bible. An America in debt can never be truly independent.

Ten years later brings us to 1993. On November 1st, the Maastricht treaty came into effect and the EU was born. Ephraim Britain ratified the treaty, thus committing itself to surrendering her independence. In America, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center. And religious freedom was assailed as the Waco siege ended in horrendous carnage.

2003 is almost over. Maybe all these are just coincidences after all. Yet, as Mike Dolan pointed out in his “Oh What a World” column, the power outages in London, New York and Toronto show how fast disaster can strike. And isn’t it interesting how each of these great cities are financial centers.

We have been in the wilderness since 1963, being moved about in every direction by events manufactured by those seeking power, money and world government. Yet, this has to be just a plank in God’s Great Plan and God is behind it. There is a precedent. Exodus 13: 17, 18 tells us that as the Israelites were being led out of Egypt, on their way to the formation of the Kingdom and the Promised Land, which they received forty years hence, “When Pharaoh let the people go, God led them not by way of the land of the Philistines, although that was nearer…..But God led the people around by way of the wilderness toward the Red Sea…..” Well, we are being moved toward Christ’s Kingdom. Just as those Israelites were comforted by our patriarch Joseph that they would be led out of Egypt, “And Joseph said to his brethren, I am going to die; and God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land…” (Genesis 50: 24), we are being led out of the Esau dominion into a wonderful new future.