Oh, Oh! Here it is August, 2003 and I now have to live with all those articles I have written over the past year and a half suggesting September, October and November, 2003 could well be the beginning of judgment for True Israel and the nations of the world. It’s time to see whether my interpretations are worth a plugged nickel or whether it’s time to eat crow. So, what did this Brooks Alden say anyway? Let’s have one final peek.

  1. Through calculations, he showed how 2003 is exactly 6,000 years from the fall of Adam.
  2. That 1996 was a critical year on God’s calendar; that the decision was made to move Jacob’s Pillar Stone from Westminster Abbey to Scotland in July 1996, exactly 700 years from the time it was brought to England in 1296 by King Edward I. I saw God’s Hand behind this move, before he brings judgment upon the heart of Mystery Babylon and Westminster Abbey, the home of so much blasphemy lately, particularly since it was moved on Prince Charles’ birthday (November 14th), who so wants to be the defender of all faiths.
  3. From a comment by an Australian Bible scholar. I tried to show how, as Noah was given seven days notice to get the animals on the Ark, that 1996 was a warning of judgment (As in the days of Noe) and employing the “one day to a year” formula, showed how this brought us to 2003.
  4. Using Amos 1:1 as a dual prophecy, I suggested that the tragic event 911 was quite possibly a warning of judgment, in much the same way as Amos delivered his warning, two years before the earthquake, bringing us again to 2003.
  5. Using the Ezekiel passage, “after 65 years Ephraim will no longer be a people” I demonstrated that from the time of Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement in 1938 (the first great weakness since England became great) brings us once again to 2003. It is interesting to note that the promise to Abraham that his descendants would become a “company of nations” was fulfilled, by definition of “Commonwealth of Nations” embodied in the Statute of Westminster enacted by the British Parliament in December, 1931, 65 years before 1996.
  6. From a comment made by a Toronto Bible scholar, I tried to demonstrate the significance of the 400 years between the partial joining of the two sticks under James I in 1603 and 2003. That 1603 also heralded the death of England’s greatest monarch, Elizabeth I, and I showed the contrast between her reign of great advancement and the present Elizabeth II’s reign of retrenchment.
  7. I suggested the Esau dominion was officially launched in 1933, after New Deal legislation, and like the situation described at Isaiah 23 and the Babylonian captivity, there would be 70 year bondage, then release. If this is to be, the release of their dominion might come this year, although the signs are not there right now. Someone told me that the dominion began in 1914 and perhaps great headway was made at the time, but the dominion was not solid until 1933. Still, you know, from the beginning of Nebuchadnezzar’s campaign against Jerusalem until the destruction of the temple, nineteen years had lapsed. Using this yardstick, then 19 years before the dominion of 1933 would take us to 1914.

I’ve written on other prophecies but at this entry point into what I see as a crucial period, I feel that the above should again be mentioned. However, I am the first to confess that my track record has not been great and that’s why I always placed a cautionary note in my articles. Yet, there are so many instances of 2003 coming to the fore

One final note! If, in December, any reader has an inclination to send me a little crow, please make sure it is tender. God Bless.