One can only imagine the heartbreak of a farmer who has planted 2/300 acres of wheat, with the very best seed, only to find at harvest time that he is reaping less than two/three bushels an acre. He would obviously think of the vast outlay of money, time and resources that it took to end up with only a pittance of a crop.

Yet, the farmer knows he must keep going and at the end of his meager harvest, he begins planning for the next season.

It’s been a little like this in the Israel Truth Movement this past half-century. We sow and sow and sow. Yet, we find that the visible harvest is very light. Indeed, at times it can be quite heartbreaking not to be able to lift the blindness of our brethren across the world stage. That is, until we are reminded that it is not our job to lift the blindness, that it is not our job to lead others to Christ. Our job is to plant seeds, seeds that the Lord God Almighty will germinate when the time of His Great Revealing takes place. We know from prophecy that the time is not very off, so we enthusiastically invest whatever harvest comes our way in the furtherance of our task to sow the seeds of Truth. Fortunately, over the years since 1948, the Lord God Almighty has provided our organization with dedicated men and women, some of whom are leaders, some staunch workers, some writers, some readers, some financial contributors, but all servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the final analysis, we know we are a blessed group of people. And best of all, as we close in on these final days before the return of Christ, we get the sense that He is there behind us, beginning to open the eyes of our brethren. Perhaps you are new to this message, perhaps God led you here and perhaps your eyes will be opened today to a beautiful truth.

Over the years, since 1948, The Association of the Covenant People has spread the message through weekly meetings, Bible studies and its monthly magazine, now named, “Thy Kingdom Come.” This magazine has a readership in all Israel countries around the world. Our organization is dedicated to do our part in spreading the Gospels of the Kingdom and Salvation, along with the Israel Truth. In this website, you will see just a small sample of the types of articles written for our magazine, some of the books we distribute around the world, our Statement of Beliefs, that haven’t really changed from those of the founding fathers of Protestantism, and how to contact us. We have included an entire issue of “Thy Kingdom Come” so you may examine the normal content and add your name to the mailing list. Join with us, please, in the spreading of God’s Word through your own Ministry. God Bless.