One of the most difficult aspects of the Israel Truth is to come face to face with the fact that our long-held view that the Jewish people are Israel is simply wrong. Initially there is even a bit of sorrow that the blindness has been removed from our eyes, as we think of our Jewish friends as pretenders.

Yet, we must remember that just as the vast majority of true Israelites think of themselves as gentiles, with only a few understanding their identity, the vast majority of Jewish people sincerely believe they are Israelites and only a few of them understand that most Jews are not. Don’t misunderstand, some Jewish people are indeed Israelites, indeed, a goodly number. Keep clearly in mind also that the vast majority of Jewry are good people and should not be blamed because they have innocently taken on the Israelite identity. Always remember, the blindness on both sides was God-inspired. Ironically, from a common sense standpoint, it is this blindness more that anything that proves who is Israel and who is not. Contemplate on this for a moment! Romans 11: 25 demonstrates that Israelites were to be blind to their identity. So who is blind? Is it the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples? Or is it the Jewish people, who claim to be the chosen ones? Realistically, they couldn’t make this claim if they were true Israel, for the Bible emphatically states that Israel is to be blind to their identity. All this proves is that both true Israel and the Jews are blind.

Part 2 outlines the many marks of identification of True Israel, but very quickly, we should examine a few in greater light. I say this because there is such a contrast between true Israel and the Jewish people that any accurate study has to reflect the contrast. For example, a most obvious one is “which group was referred to by another name?” The Jewish people have retained the name “Jews” throughout the centuries, yet the Israelites were to have another name (Christian). Isaiah 62: 2 and 65: 15 make this very clear. It follows that if the Jews were the chosen people, they would have taken on the new name. Then too, Hosea 1: 10 tells us that Israel were to be a multitudinous people. Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples are such a people. The Jewish people are not, in fact, Jeremiah 15: 7, says they were to be bereft of children.

Before going on, let’s just look at just four more significant contrasts.

  • Jeremiah 31: 33 tell us that Israel was to come under the New Covenant. The Jewish people remain under the old law.
  • Hosea 1: 10 states that Israelites were to become the sons of God, to accept Jesus Christ. The Jewish people continue to reject Him as the Messiah.
  • Israel was to have a monarchy that would last forever (Jeremiah 33: 17). The Jewish people have no king on earth.
  • Both Isaiah 54: 17 and Leviticus 26: 6-8 say that Israel was to be immune from defeat in war, yet the Jews have suffered endless persecution.

It is important to understand that even though true Israel is blinded as to her identity, God made provision that there would be a small remnant that would know their roots. There are hundreds of examples but I have recorded a few of the better-known names from the last few centuries. Most of these were taken from Robert Alan Balaicius’ book, “Uncovering the Mysteries of your Hidden Inheritance.”

  • Christopher Columbus – Wrote King Ferdinand of Spain in 1502, in regards to his discovery of America, “Fully accomplished were the words of Isaiah…” It was assumed he referred to Isaiah 49: 1-12.
  • E. Raymond Capt – Archaeologist, Bible scholar and prolific writer and film producer. Has written of the Israel Truth in many of his books.
  • David Davidson – Highly educated structural engineer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Received Christ as Saviour and accepted Israel Truth after an exhaustive study of the measurements of the Great Pyramid. A highly prolific writer and lecturer, he once wrote, “….the time, however, is fast approaching, when, according to the prophecies, the identity of lost Israel is to be disclosed to all nations together with the Revelation of God’s purpose concerning Israel’s relationship to all other races…”
  • Sir Francis Drake – (1540-1596) Wrote a letter to John Foxe (Foxe’s Book of Martyrs) that said in part, “…God may be glorified, His church, our Queen and country preserved, the enemies of truth vanquished, that we might have continual peace in Israel…”
  • Queen Elizabeth I – Was known as the Light of Israel during her reign (1558-1603). Knowledge of her identity as a descendant of the House of David was reflected in many of her messages.
  • King George VI – Great wartime monarch. Wrote in 1922 when he was Albert, the Duke of York, “I am sure the British Israelite business is true. I have read a lot about it lately and everything no matter how large or small points to our being the chosen race.”
  • King James I – (reigned 1603-1625) He referred to himself as King of Israel, had a coin minted to reflect Ezekiel 37: 22. Commissioned the King James Bible.
  • Thomas Jefferson – A founder of America and one of the great intellects of all time. He wrote these words in talking about the death of George Washington, “I felt on his death with my countrymen, that verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel.”
  • Professor Roger Rusk – (1906-1994) Highly educated, former Professor of Physics at the University of Tennessee. Brother of former Secretary of State Dean Rusk and author of “The Other End of the World,” a book expounding the Israel Truth.
  • Jonathon Turnbull (1710-1785) As colonial governor of Connecticut he wrote General George Washington the following words, “Now therefore be strong and very courageous, May the God of the Armies of Israel shower down the blessings of His Divine Providence upon you.”
  • General Sir Walter Walker – Former Commander-In-Chief of NATO, was highly decorated and a prolific author. Wrote on Israel Truth.

The British-Israel-World Federation website ( lists the names of members of royalty, politicians, war leaders, theologians and Bible scholars who came to believe strongly in the Israel Truth. It is well worth reviewing.

Indeed, dozens of other examples of high profile believers could be listed, including Robert the Bruce (King Robert I of Scotland), who, along with his nobles, issued the Scottish Declaration of Independence of 1320, which clearly traces their Israelite roots. Yet, perhaps more important are the tens of thousands of not well-known Israelites who have heard and embraced the Israel Truth over the centuries. And in doing so, have had the pages of the Bible light up as never before.

A new book entitled “The New Jerusalem” throws considerable light on the Israel Truth. Well-known, best-selling author, Adrian Gilbert, wrote the book. It is carried by most booksellers and is recommended reading.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, there seemed to be a need for more organization of small Israel Truth organizations and one of the first was this association, then called the British Israel Association, {ln:Part 4 – The Founding of the Association, August 2nd, 1909} deals a little bit with early days.