When Jesus was describing the signs of His return to His disciples, He made the statement that “nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24: 7). Was He being repetitive? Or was He describing the warring of nations today, both from a combative and a competitive standpoint, and separately from this, His Kingdom warring against the Satanic Kingdom?

Two kingdoms coming from opposite ends of the spectrum toward an inevitable clash! Even for Christians, the Kingdom of God is somewhat invisible, yet, we know it is moving silently through the affairs of the world to its sure purpose. On the other hand, the counterfeit kingdom, Satan’s man-made sham, is visible for all to see who wish to see, and it is moving openly toward its intended goal of world domination. Nowhere was this made more evident to me than in the documentary “The Corporation,” now playing at selected theatres. This is a movie everyone should see because it very visually exposes the “beast” of Revelation. Now I know there are differing views on just what the “beast” and “false prophet” represent but I fall in the school that believes the beast to represent the political/economic/religious spheres of society and the false prophet is their controlled puppet (via direct ownership or interlocking directorships), that is, the powerful media forms of television, radio, movies, newspapers, other print vehicles, etc.

The documentary traces the growth of the modern corporation from its relative beginnings at the time of the industrial revolution to today where multinationals are beyond the reach of even government. In fact, I believe that it is the multinational power which is the leading component of the beast system today. Going on, the documentary seems to suggest that the “Corporation” has achieved its status through war, industrial breakthrough, their designation as a “person” and the corporate lawyers of the world. That most corporations are predators with no moral conscience, and interested only in profit at any cost, power and control.

Still, according to the documentary, the far-reaching object of their pursuit is to privatize every square inch of the world, every ounce of air and water, and so on. One well known Canadian was quoted and is convinced that ultimately, everything will be owned by someone, even human rights. Shocking as this sounds, it is headed this way, with the help of the legislative arm of the beast that can spin out innocuous sounding laws armed with frightening teeth. One only has to look at the powers of Canada’s Competition Act or the new Privacy legislation being passed in Israel countries to realize that even innocuous infringements can lead to rights freely given over through sheer fear. The documentary asks the Executive Director of the influential Fraser Institute if he too favoured the private ownership of everything in the world. I wasn’t surprised when he said he most certainly does.

It’s strange how men and women who reach such positions can rationalize almost anything without recognizing its evil side. Or understand God’s wishes! Remember, through Moses, God told us that the precious minerals and resources of the earth, the bounty of the air and of the water were for us, not for corporations to hold in perpetuity. Some might say, “but, how could corporations possibly acquire total ownership of air and water?” Does Psalm 22: 7 give us the answer? “The borrower is servant to the lender.” Sadly, nations are awash with debt. [As a shocking example of what could very well happen in our Israel nations,] the documentary details what happened in Bolivia when Bolivians were forced to give up their water supplies, even rainwater, to a multinational in exchange for World Bank financing. [since nationalized] Who knows, maybe some of our God given resources that we believe are still ours have already been given over to the beast.

No, the multinational corporate world who continue to promote countless products having adverse effect on people, or place people into bondage through such things as the Bolivia incident, or promote wars for profit, or bite the hand that feeds them by buying up or squeezing out all competition in Israel lands and then transferring hundreds of thousands of jobs to countries permitting child labour, is not of God’s Kingdom, but of the other.

I can’t help but reflect on Daniel 12 as it relates to the prophecy of the rapid increase in knowledge, both of good and evil. In a past writing, I demonstrated that it began to take place at roughly the same time as the beginning of the falling away prophesied by the Apostle Paul. One thing is certain, what Satan has achieved in the forging of his kingdom could not have taken place without the falling away. Satan has been able to distract God’s people through the toys of technology, the attraction of money, the drive for materialism, the sensation of sports, sex and entertainment and the idea that God is dead. And so, we find ourselves very much at the time of Jacob’s trouble. We are also at the time when most prophecy recorded in the Bible has come to pass and all that is left are the startling final events leading up to the return of Christ. So, perhaps the greatest advice one could give to the brethren who are in power positions in the soon to be doomed multinationals is God’s advice, “Come out of her, my people.”